Sunday, May 20, 2007


While cruising the far left of the blogosphere, I happened to stumble upon the truth about what the internet is for.
And to think I had been putting so much thought into this!!

Check it out for yourself!
And don't worry about the explicit content warning, it is very mild!!
I promise.
But those of you who visit often know that.
Shut up

Got a call from Matt last night.
It was good to hear from him, in light of all that has been going on over there. It seems they got dropped smack dab in the middle of some of the heaviest shit to hit the region yet. They are somewhere south of Baghdad.
Near where the 10th Mtn. Div troops got ambushed last week.
All though he wasn't at liberty to discuss it, from the one word answers I got to my questions, I gather that his unit is involved in the hunt for the missing soldiers.
He says the food is good an plentiful, but there isn't much else good to say about the place.

This is Al-Asad. Not FOB Falcon where the 4th brigade is headquartered, but very much the same.
No, that's not a tsunami bearing down on them, but a sand storm.
These things blow in much the same as a blizzard here in the north east. Matt says that wind driven sand hitting your flesh is nothing like snow!

Here's a pic of some of those fun loving Iraqi citizens showing there gratitude, and how much they appreciate the United States, and what we are doing to help them form a democracy!!

Makes ya really want to get on Gwya's side, and support our involvement in paradise.
Don't It??

Some countries just don't know how to handle democracy, and some certainly don't deserve it.
"Iraqis are sick of foreign people coming in their country and trying to destabilize their country". —George W. Bush

He's a real brainiac that President of ours.


  1. I never did like sand. I'm glad my war was fought in a nice, green jungle where we had plenty of water, shade, rice to eat, etc. I wouldn't trade; no way! Tell your boy to keep his head down and never walk point....

  2. MC- I think they make iraqi's do that; they should....;)

    Dad- Bet you liked hearing his voice. Does he write to you as well? Oh, thats right, you cant read. ( ;

  3. I'm glad you heard from Matt. I know this must be hell for you.

    I'm sorry our stupid country voted for the stupidest president ever.
    The world hates us. Because we look so stupid.

  4. What? You think shrillary or the MagicNegro can do any better?


    What a dumbfuck

  5. Ben, did your mommy go out and leave the radio on again, cause I think you Ben listening to Rush a little to much.

    Suzy, I don't think it's near as hard as it was for our parents during Vietnam.
    E-mail and the net makes it a lot easier to keep in touch.
    The news is sometimes hard to take, they're all so anxious to be out with story first, with little thought to making sure relatives get notified.
    They don't give names, or units, which only makes it worse.
    I think I'd just as soon see it on the news, if something were to go wrong, then to have a Dept. of the Army car pull in the yard, and a couple of soldiers come up to the door.
    Or the phone ring in the middle of the night.

    Mic, I wish I could read, so I and write, so I could tell you your and asshole?
    I guess I'll have to call.

    Chief, here's a link to one of my earlier posts, WAR WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? Tell me what you think.
    I'm thinking about starting a war planning company. You know, like the wedding planner deal?
    Want in?
    He's in a Stryker Unit, mechanized, they do some walking, on patrols, but nowhere near what the light infantry outfits do.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Sorry I haven't been by in a while - been working on a few things.

    Looks like when Matt comes back he is gonna have beautifully exfoliated skin.

  7. luin,
    I haven't been around much myself!!
    Not even time to post.

    If he has any skin left at all!!
    That sand get into everything.
    They have to turn of air conditining units, or they suck the sand in and get ruined.
    Doesn't sound like to much of a hardship, until you factor in the temperature at 110 to 125 degrees.
    He says at least it cools down a little, because the sun is blocked.