Thursday, May 3, 2007


WANTED Director of marketing.
Do to growth in business.
Must be ignorant, abusive, and capable of insulting people impromptu!!
Excellent benefits and incentive package.
Pay comenserate with experience.
Leave resume with cover letter in comment box.
We are an equal opportunity employer!!

Our people are going places.
Why wait, join us know and be on the way to your dreams.
Maybe it's a new car
Or house,

We represent brokers all over the country, and can help you achieve your dreams.
How about that long awaited and much needed vacation,

Yes er ree, we can make that happen to.
So why wait?
Contact us today, and you may just be on the way to realizing that dream.
All inquiries are held in strict confidence. %?)


  1. Is there any chance of advancement?

  2. I started in the mail room.
    And look at me now!!
    The sky is the limit.

  3. Tink, Sarcasm?
    From Moi?
    Where would you get the impression that I might retort to sarcasm?