Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Once again it's Tuesday and Tuesday is bitch night, so I've been trying to think of what I have to bitch about?
I could start about Matt being in Iraq, but bitchin about that isn't going to do any good.
Oh yeah. I should tell all you folks that stumbled into this toilet by entering "Military+Dad, or Military + Father, I am one. I know, it doesn't look like this blog is about a diary, but it is.
The things you often see here are my way of poking fun at things that trouble me, or that maybe I just find funny. My therapist insisted that I do something creative, he he, bet he never thought of this

If you go back to some of my earlier blogs, you will find some stuff about that.
My son Matt

is a member of the 2nd div 23rd inf reg,
, 4th Stryker brigade stationed at FOB Falcon.
He got his looks from his mom, and his attitude from dad.
I don't find it theraputic to dwell on it. I just do my best to busy myself daily with things that keep my mind off the situation.
Matt and some of his buddies, who have agreed to let me post pictures, and talk about them, like Keith, in the bacground,

And Michael, in the forground,

check in here from time to time, so if you would care to share your thoughts about the shitty mess they are in, or wish them well, by all means leave a comment.
One word of caution, this is no joking matter.
You are always welcome to speak your mind here, but when referring to these guys, do so in a manner that shows the respect that they deserve.
They stepped up and volunteered to serve their country.
They are over there doing what they have to do, and we are here doing what we want to do because of them and all the servicemen that went before them.
Regardless of your opinion of this war, they deserve our gratitude.

Anyone wishing to write them personally, email me and I'll tell you how they can be contacted.
Thanks guys.

Come home safe.

On another note, I'm thinking I might sign up again.

I never much liked the tank guys, they got to ride while we humped our 65 lbs of gear over hill and dale.
I might be coerced into reconsidering.
Yes, I stole this picture from, Keeskennis who probably stole it from someone else, who probably stole it from, well you know how that shit goes.
If you ever feel like restealing something from me, just


  1. Ladies better be careful, they going to get attacked from the rear.

  2. ... who stole it from somebody else, who ...
    You are welcome.

    But the pink rifles I photoshoped myself.

    And I agree about the tank guys.

  3. anybody scene heywould ?

    peace out

  4. Yeah, I`d write to your boy. troops, even female

  5. What's a nice guy like you doing down here in the slums o the blog o sphere Kees?
    I think the pink rifle adds that certain savoir fare to the pic?
    Next time by, pin my map? Will Ya.

    Ben, Heywould has been MIA for a few days now.
    He fin nish ed the Dewer's. bitched me out for posting the picture of him, slammed the door on his way out, and hasn't been back.
    I'm sure when I least expect it he'll show up.

  6. Mickey, that new knee any good for ass kicking?


  7. she`s got to have the other one put in july.
    I get to be her nurse/physical therapist when she gets out again....
    I get to dress-up.

    booty trapped

  8. Mic, Like Clara Barton?
    Can you send pics?