Monday, June 11, 2007


Thanks to a gentle nudge from LUIN, I am posting an update against my better judgement.

I've been struggling with a bout of depression that has left me wanting to sleep all day, and hide out from everyone I know.

I'll come out of it, I always do.
It's not the suicidal kind of depression, just the debilitating kind.
But then I don't need to bare my soul to a bunch of voyeuristic bloggers. Those that stop by almost daily and don't bother to say hi.
Not a peep out of them.
Like the one from Murfreesboro Tenn. Stops by almost every day, sometimes twice a day, but doesn't bother to say a word.
Maybe I just haven't written anything worth commenting on.
What a pretty town though.

Reminds me a lot of Keene NH.

So anyway, Luin dropped me a line saying, "how about an update? Let us know everything's ok."
Well dear friend, everything is ok.
Matt is doing well.
He had his first day off since he got to Baghdad, and emailed to let us know he was alright, but feeling remorse because the other guys in his detail were out and about, and he was worried about them.
He got the transfer he wanted, from TOC, to a PSD, (Personal Security Detachment). Well, almost the transfer he wanted. Actually he wanted to be on a Stryker rifle squad.

Like this one.

PSDs are like body guards.
His crew is assigned to the Brigade Commander, and Command Sargent Major, from what I can gather.
He's not very forthcoming with information.

Anytime the Commander wants to go out and about, and check up on things, they go along and get out and secure the area before he gets out of the Humvee.
Better a low grade NCO or private should get the shit blown out of them, than a Colonel.
That's just the way it is in the Military.

So thank you, Luin, for thinking of me.
I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately.
Hopefully I'll get back in the swing of things, soon.

Here's a pic of me and son #2 with his girlfriend at the Red Sox game.

We had green monster seats. (on top of the left field wall) for those who aren't familiar with Fenway Park.
In most ball parks these would be called left field bleachers.
At Fenway they are some of the most coveted seats in baseball.
Here's one at the Baseball Tavern, on the roof deck.

Gotta get in the mood, and at $4.50 a beer as opposed to $6.75 inside the park, I can get in a lot better mood.


  1. I can honestly say I understand what you are going through. I am an Army Mom, my only son 19 yrs old is driving a Stryker in Iraq and for 6 months I was depressed and in a daze but then I decided that was enough! I am going to be a strong and proud Stryker's Mom. I'm still terrified and cry my heart out sometimes but if he can be strong over there I certainly can be here. So you stay tough and God Bless you, your son and all your family!

  2. I heard you drowned in a boat wreck.

  3. Thank you Kristy!!
    Is your son with the 3rd brigade from Fort Lewis?
    Matt is 4th Brigade. They were going to replace the 3rd, but the 3rd got extended by the "surge" in troops.
    I realy don't worry too much about Matt. I wish he was on a Stryker, which he trained for, instead of riding around in Humvees. Strykers are a lot safer.
    Being a veteran, I understand the military way. I subscribe to the thought that if your number comes up, it comes up regardless of where you are.
    I guess the odds increase considerably in a war zone.
    Thank you for the kind words.
    Our thoughts are with you and your son also.
    God bless.

    Mickey, I figured you got hit in the head with a foul ball!!!!
    Down to Rosenbladt Stadium.

  4. my Uncle had a foul ball...her name was edna.

    Rosenblatt, yup, but not today, raining.

    oh, hi.

    ::he told me he was black:::

  5. ps-I'm glad luin nudged you.

  6. Yo,

    Tell wouldy to gimme a call when he wants to go squirrel huntin.

    Man, you a baby-makin mo....

  7. Mick,
    You mean I'm not black????
    There goes my discrimination suit!!

    oh HI.

    Thanks for the pin!!!
    Boy baby makin Mo eh?
    You speak Canadien?

    Mick, Did Edna hit him in the head?
    Your uncle?

  8. Ben, you don't want no part of huntin with Wouldy.
    You'd be better off with Cheney!! (The Dick)
    Wouldy shoots at movement in the brush.

  9. You're alive! And I'm releaved. You had me worried for a bit!

    I'm very glad to know you are OK and Matt is ok and everyone is ok.

  10. People who read your blogs every day and don't delurk to post (and all bloggers have them) are not to be reprimanded. Having been on the business end of usenet and now blogging, I know that many people are just shy and may not want their views out there for the world to see. It's okay. You should just be happy that they still stop by to read you.

    You can't control what other people want to do, you know?

  11. Hardly shy am I and always happy to put in my 2 cents.

  12. Nigel, I appreciate it buddy, and I return the favour, don't I?

    Suzy, if you really read that post I think you'll see that I'm not scolding, merely baiting.
    I had posted a blog about some teachers in Murfreesboro who staged a mock hostage situation in a sixth grade class room, and since that day someone from Murfreesboro had been on my blog daily. My bait worked.
    I got a nice email from a mom who has a son in the same unit as Matt.
    She wrote a nice email, and I hope we stay in touch.
    Thanks for taking time from your busy day to stop by!!

  13. Infantry Dad:

    Just found your blog. I have a son in Baghdad with the 82nd. I completely understand "the debilitating" kind. Been there, doing that. Loved the pic from the Green Monster. I've only been to Fenway once and it was great. Hope to go again soon. I will bookmark your blog and post when appropriate.

  14. Mark,
    Thanks for stopping bye.
    I'm not doing a very good job of updating on a regular basis.
    Hope your son is doing well.
    Drop me an email anytime.
    The address is in my profile.


  15. suzy- you're right about some of your points....I always to forget to leave a comment or I dont because, I dont understand the post.

    Present cpmpany Xclue dead. ( ;