Sunday, June 17, 2007


If I could have one wish granted on this that fathers day it would be that all of our service men and women could be home with their fathers.

This is the first that I haven't had all of my sons at least within relatively close proximity to home, and I'm having a little trouble with that.

Fortunately, as of yesterday, I know that he is relatively safe.

I got a phone call that lasted about two minutes before the connection got so terrible we couldn't understand what each other was saying.

Today my thoughts turn to two young men who's parents aren't as fortunate as us.

Specialist Alex Jimenez of Lawrence Massachusetts, and PFC Byron Fouty of Waterford Michigan.

That's Alex on the left, and Byron center.
(Photo courtesy of Sgt. Michael Morse handout, via AP.
I hope that everyone who reads this will say a prayer for these two soldiers, that they will be found safe and returned home to their loved ones, soon.

You can read more about them here.
Lawrence Eagle Tribune.
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In an effort to lighten things up a little, here are a couple more pictures from Fenway.
Center field bleachers and jumbotron from the monster seats.

The moon rising over my favorite sign atop the right field roof.

Getting in tune.
That's me to the left, second son Jeremy, his girlfriend Sarah, and my boss Frank.
I know, my boss is the same age as my oldest son!!
I couldn't ask for a better boss.
Hope he doesn't stumble onto this. He might get a big head!!
And Manny Ramirez being Manny.


  1. A good Father's Day post. We pray daily.

    I was lucky enough to hear from SPC Mark this morning both by e-mail and phone. The big news was a CBS news crew was at his camp doing a story about some orphans his company rescued last week. The orphans were mentally disabled, chained to their beds and being slowly starved. They are fine now. At any rate, he wasn't selected for the detail to escort the correspondent around, so he had little more time on his hands than normal. Nice that it happened today.

  2. Happy Father's Day!!! I really hope today is absolutely wonderful for you.

  3. Mark, Nice to here that SPC Mark is well, and got some time off.
    And that they were able to save the children.
    I hate when the news crews are around though!! It calls a lot of attention to the troops, and who knows who's watching!!
    Thanks for contributing.
    If you get a chance, stick a pin in my visitors map.
    Mickey, thanks for the well wishes.
    How's the series going?

    Luin, thank you! I had a good day.
    Got the lawn mowed,planted some flowers, bought a new Coleman stove, going camping in Maine next week, and heard from Matt.
    As expected he's been in the middle of the "shit" all week, but things are going ok.
    Thanks for thinking of me.

  4. I've tried a couple times to put a pin on the map but unsuccessfully. Maybe a browser issue. I'm in Jacksonville, FL. CBS News running the story tonight....we just heard.