Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Two more days, and vacation time is here!!

We're off to our favorite place on earth. A small campground on the coast of Maine.

It's a tradition that started in 1957, when my parents brought me camping at Hermit Island for the very first time.

All though we haven't been every year, and some of the years we've rented a cottage rather than camp, this year were going camping.

In a tent...

And I can't wait.

One whole week of relaxing.

Here's a picture of HI from the cottage we've rented the last few years.

The picture shows the kelp shed, which serves as the office.

This is a picture of the campsite we will be on. I took it last fall, November, when I was up that way hunting. It's a lot prettier in the summer when all is green. From the back of the site it is about ten steps to the edge of the ledge over the ocean, and a beautiful view to the west.
I will have plenty of pictures to share the week after next.

We need this vacation bad.
the stress of Matt being in Iraq, and the every day issues of running a business have taken a toll on both my wife and I.
Though we won't be able to forget about Matt, and the troops in harms way, we will get some time to relax, and take a deep breath.

If you follow the comments to this blog you've noticed that we have a new contributor. Mark is from Florida, and has a son in Iraq also.
I have recieved emails from Penny in Tennessee whose son is in a stryker unit in Baghdad.
We are drawn together by a common bond, and I appreciate their communication, and hope for the day that we can celebrate the safe return of our sons.

While in Maine next week I plan to get down to Freeport to join the ladies on the hill.

These ladies are true heroes in my book.
They go out every Tuesday morning and show their support for our troops in Iraq.
They are the epitomy of patriotism.

Pleasevisit their web page,
Flag Ladies
and thank them for what they do.
They go to Bangor and send off the troops when ever they can, and have lot's of pictures of units departing, and returning.

I doubt I'll get a chance to post again untill we get back, so for now,

When you visit again remember to bring the duct tape,

because in a public restroom, you want to cover the holes in the wall.

You never know what kind of PREVERT might be peeping.

Like a bro Mic, like a bro!!!
Feel the love!!


  1. Have a great time on vacation. We just returned from a vacation in the Keys where we rented a small cottage. No Internet, terrible was great. Mark leaves Baghdad Sunday for mid-deployment he will be on vacation too. If, by chance, you saw the CBS Evening News Monday and last night about the rescued orphans...that was Mark's company. Again, have a great vacation. You deserve it. We will be thinking about Matt.

  2. Thanks Mark..
    I missed the news show.
    When I saw your comment about it I was a day late.
    Been real busy lately.
    terrible news out of Iraq today.
    I guess the theory that Al-Quaida is targeting mainly the Iraqi army, to dicourage enlistment, was a bit premature.
    Will Mark be home for his leave?
    Matts mid deployment falls around Thanksgiving. Hope he can make it home around the holidays.
    If you have pictures of Marks unit that you want to share, email them to me and I'll include them in a post.
    I've always wanted to visit Key West.
    Looks like my kinda place.
    Good to hear from you.
    Our thaughts are with Mark also..

  3. I have a some pics. I will send them to you when you are back from vacation. Mark goes to Baghdad International sometime Sunday. After that, it's a waiting game. We figure that he will be home by Wednesday or Thursday. Have recently met some folks who have sons/daughters in Iraq or about to go. It is a very, very difficult time.

  4. It is, with so many getting killed every day now, with the push on in Anbar province.
    We hear on the news fifteen killed in attacks on convoys, and then wait.
    They shouldn't be reporting about the deaths until families are notified. To hell with with holding the names until next of kin are notified. Wait to report the deaths.
    That burns me up.
    Drop me an email so i have your address, and I'll get in touch when I get back.
    Hope Mark gets home safe and sound, and you have a great visit.

  5. Reading posts like this always brings me back to earth. I'm all pissed off that I canceled a $7.00 feature off my MCI bill and they RAISED the entire bill $2.00. So I've stomped around here trying to get ATT to cover my phones and they blew me off 3 times on the phone.

    Then I read this and realize that I should be so lucky to have such dumb problems.

    Thinking of all the service people in Iraq, I remain, humbled.

  6. Funny how the things that get us all worked up and in a tizzy on a day to day basis pale in comparison when we have the time to think of others who are way less fortunate.
    Sure I worry about Matt daily.. But often the thought of the friends and families of those who we have lost, or have returned missing legs, arms, or severely mentally damaged comes to mind and I feel quite fortunate.
    My prayers aren’t that they all come home.
    They are that they all come home safe and sound.
    Well off to vacation in Maine for a week.
    If I’m going to stress out I might as well do it in paradise!!
    Thanks for stopping bye Suzy

  7. suzy, yup perspective.

    have a good un dad, ben and wouldy are headin that way too, keep your eyes open....and avoid `em.