Tuesday, August 14, 2007


A short one to share a little something that I feel is worth sharing.

I've featured the ladies in previous blogs, and explained how I find them to be heroes.

I look forward to Tuesdays, and receiving their email and Elaine's message.

Elaine's messages are copyrighted, so I lay no claim to them.

I am passing them along in hopes that all who read this will drop them a note, foreverfree@feeportflagladies.com to thank them and get on their mailing list.

I had hoped to visit them on my last trip to Maine, but I was a bit under the weather on Tuesday and didn't make it.

That's a sorry excuse, but it is all I have.

Today's message:

As the weeks and months and years pass each Tuesday morning we head to the hill to hold our flags in honor of our troops and Elaine’s Tuesday messages continue without a break.

I have food on my table
But I will remember the hungry
I have a job right now
But I will remember the jobless
I have my own home
But I will remember the homeless
I have my own pain
But I will remember those who suffer

I can and will help by my words and deeds
By listening to a friend or helping someone in need
Compliment the weary and comfort those who cry
You can do more than you know if only you will try.

Elaine Greene ©

God Bless our Troops
God Bless America

The Freeport Flag Ladies
17 School Street,
Freeport, ME 04032
207 865-3414


As I've mentioned, to those of us with sons and daughters serving in Iraq, it is highly possible that these ladies were the last people they saw when leaving the country.
They try to go to Bangor, approximately a two and a half hour trip one way for them, to send off all the departing units.
They take pictures, which they post, give hugs and let all know that they are loved and that their service is appreciated.

They also try to be there when they come home, to greet them and thank them once again.
The very least we can do is thank them, and support them as we are able and see fit.
God Bless


  1. Amen to that. These ladies are great.

    I've seen the reaction on the faces of soldiers as the come up the long escalator at the Atlanta airport heading home and when they're greeted by USO and others at the top of the escalator.

    Just great!

  2. I remember the Atlanta airport in 1971 when the only people doing the greeting were protestors, spitting, and yelling baby killers.
    What a difference.
    This war is no more popular than Vietnam, but most people are inteeligent to know that the soldiers aren't to blame.

    As always, Nigel, great to hear from you.
    Keep up the blog.
    We share the same sense of humour, albeit yours is on a much keener plane then mine. I get great pleasure, (not to mention I laugh my ass off,,((don't worry I still have plenty to sit on)),, reading it).

  3. thanks for posting this. I have added their site to my bookmarks. On his way out in January, SPC Mark went through Maine and was met by the troop greeters. He was quite taken aback. I never went through Atlanta to get to Jackson....so I never saw what you experienced. From Richmond, we took the train and nobody cared one way or the other if we were in uniform. What these folks are doing has a big impact on our guys....My brother, retired military, never got that when he came home from Vietnam in 1969.

  4. Mark,
    If you check thru the ladies archives you will probably find a picture of Mark.
    They try to get shots of every soldier.