Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Black Hawk Helicopter Crash Kills 14 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

I probably didn't mention that I set the television in our bedroom to come on at 5:30 every morning. I have it set to Fox News channel 25.
This morning the first thing I heard was the caption above.
They lead out with, "the names have been withheld pending notification of next of kin".
So I sent them an email telling them what a loyal viewer I was, and how I really enjoyed their news. I also told them how it felt to be a parent of a soldier serving in Iraq to hear that news, and have to wait to find out who the unfortunate soldiers were. I closed by telling them my belief that no news station should report anything about soldiers deaths until the next of kin could be contacted and how I understood the urgency of being the first news cast to break a sensational story.
I asked that they consider the families in the future and please not report the story until they had the names to go with it.
Then I closed by saying that the next time they broke a story before the names had been released that I would no longer watch their news.
I'm certain that I have them shaking in their boots. One viewer is not a big threat to the ratings.
I hope they don't under estimate the power of one.
I will take it upon myself to do my best to get all military families in their viewing area to switch to another broadcast until we find one that will honor my wish.
I get the feeling that it won't be long before I'm watching a lot less news.

Here's a picture of Matt and a buddy.
Looks like he's been pumping some iron in his spare time.
He called on Sunday, and sounded good.
They were packing up for a move.
All he could say was they were headed north.

It's Tuesday.
I so look forward to Tuesday and the weekly message from
And Elaine's words for the week.
"When we talk of origins we don’t know exactly where we came from and when we are discussing destiny we don’t know exactly where we are going. The mystery of the origin of things is insoluble; the mystery of the hereafter is equally impenetrable but there is a higher and a lower order of life and we have a choice to make between them".

"Catch the light upon your sails and while you live, live in the light. When you reach the place where knowledge fails, trustfully steer your ship forward and face life with requisite moral heroism. You don’t need to see your destination if you are on the right road".

Elaine Greene ©

If you haven't already, I ask that you drop by their web page and leave a message of support.

Now for a shameless plug for the four folks that take the time to read my blathering, and comment.
I'll warn you up front that while they all play well with others, some can be on the R rated side of humor, and while I love every minute of it, some of you might find it offensive.
Oh Well. You've been duly warned.
Another appropriate warning is that a couple of these blogs might be hazardous to your health.
I've blown beer out my nose, and damn near choked to death laughing on several occasions.
First there's
THE CHIEF He wrote the last blog he was ever going to write two months ago. And one damn near every day ever since!>
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Be patient Mickey. Since you went corporate you've dropped down a couple of rungs.
Third theirs, MOM. I don't know what a siren is, but I bet, SUZY, Can splain it to me. I can't seem to get onto her list of people she don't hate. She gave me some lame excuse about me not being a comedian or something, it went in one ear and out the other. I KNOW MICKEY, CALM DOWN, I'M GETTING TO YOU. I still blogrolled her, and every once in a while she posts something interesting.
Ok, then there's Mickey There know are you happy? Take a bow, and say something to impress my guests. Be the life of the party.
The rest of crew is in no special order, BEN.
And, LUIN who I'm about to disown, because she never comes around any more. Must be the new layout. She's getting all uppity.

I leave you with the following to ponder.

If a male goat is ram, and a male goose is a gander, and a donkey is an ass, how does a ram in the ass become a goose?
Get back to me on this will ya? I really want to know.


  1. ba-dum..ching.
    too funny!

    OK, here, you get to break a story for once heehee.

    Subvet moved to Texas from Conn. (I never can spell the stupid state.) to be with me. We met online. No one knows this yet, but He chose my handle "MightyMom" and also my web address "Texas Siren"

    here's the definition of a siren in this instance...from Webster:
    1. any of several supernatural beings in Greek legend who are part woman and part bird and who lure mariners to destruction with seductive singing. 2. a seductively beautiful or charming woman, esp. one who beguiles men.

    GOOD FOR YOU for writing to the news network!!! One of my constant gripes about the media is how they treat victims and survivors (of any catastrophe)....grieving people do not need a reporter in their face knocking on their door or calling their home and families do not need any seconds of needless worry...good grief, don't you worry enough!!??!! Pardon my Punctuation, it P@@ses me off as it's a P@@s Poor excuse to invade Privacy to Pilfer Pittiable ratings Points

  2. I've posted and linked to you. Can you give the email address for complaints? I'll send an email too...

  3. Dad- Everytime I hear about iraq I start feelin all creepy. I was feelin that way when I heard "north"

    Guess I'm kinda glad it was a false alarm.

  4. I know what ya mean Mic.
    I feel kinda creepy every time I think about Iraq.
    I hate that Matt has to be there seeing what he sees, and doing what he has to do.
    It's the kinda stuff that pictures and video just don't give a true picture of.
    The kind of stuff that can ruin the rest of your life..
    If it don't kill ya.

    nisetwoherefrom u

  5. Um...ditto.
    Besides, if you haven't noticed (which you obviously haven't since you haven't been over to my blog in forever) I haven't even been to my own blog.

    SO there.

  6. I did notice, now that you mention it.
    I also noticed your nice new layout.