Thursday, August 23, 2007


Here is a copy of my email to Fox 25 News Boston.

As a father of a soldier serving in Iraq I’m asking you to stop reporting about soldiers being killed until the families are notified.
I have my television set to come on at 5:30 on Fox 25 news.
I truly enjoy your morning show. Kim and Gene, VB,Q, Doug and Cindy are always an upbeat start to the day.
Imagine how you would feel to wake up, as I did Monday morning, to a report of 14 soldiers dieing in the crash of a Blackhawk helicopter north of Iraq.
Our sons are'nt allowed to tell us exactly where they are, for security reasons. We know that our son is in a combat unit somewhere north of Baghdad. So we see your broadcast, and dread the phone ringing until the next time we talk to him.
I know it's all about the ratings.
I speak for all families with sons and daughters, brothers and sisters serving when I say we would prefer that no reporting be done when soldiers lose their lives until the names have been released.
When soldiers die, either in combat or tragic accidents, the troops are put on communications black out. They can't communicate. This means when we, the families, hear the breaking news we have to wait for a day or two before the names are released. If you have a son or daughter serving, you know what I am talking about. If not, it probably means little to you.
I am reaching out through my blog to ask that families of soldiers in Iraq contact their regional news broadcasters asking that they please refrain from breaking stories about deaths in Iraq until the families are notified.

And to stop watching those stations that refuse.
I look forward to many years of enjoying your morning broadcasts.

All who read this who agree, please email your local broadcasters and ask that they stop this practice.
Those of us with loved ones in Iraq will rest a little easier

The email address for Fox 25 Boston is,;jsessionid=D566FC2B7FE48CE11A7E1D7C2704CC98.

God Bless.


  1. I agree... 100%! They're in such a damned hurry to be first. They don't even think about how that crap affects families. I've always thought that kind of reporting is unconscionable.

  2. Agreed, agreed, agreed.

    I have a 3X4 map of Baghdad with all the neighborhoods identified so when I hear a car bomb went off in some neighborhood I can check to see if it's in Mark's AO. When they say "north Baghdad" with no specific neighborhood, we wait for the phone calls.

  3. Thanks all.
    It makes my day to see your comments.

    I have heard nothing from Fox 25 Boston yet. I don't suspect I will.

    Mark, I asked Matt about the coffee on Sunday, and it hadn't arrived yet. He and atleast ten others are eagerly awaiting its arrival.
    He said to thank you.
    So Thank you.