Monday, August 27, 2007


Remember how a few posts ago, when the country was in a state of political turmoil,and Tony Snow resigned, how I mentioned that "when you see rats jumping overboard from your cruise ship, it's time to man the life boats"?
Then Karl Rove went kersplash.

Well that big splash you heard today was one of the biggest rats hitting the water.
Alberto resigns.


Later in the day GW got in front of the cameras and in his best redneck cowboy pose.

Blamed it all on the Democrats.
Said they dragged this noble and honorable man's name through the mud.

Said it was all politicking.

Couldn't be that he was as corrupt a human being as has ever been appointed to a high cabinet post?

Could it?

Well maybe not the most the crooked. But look who he was competing for the title with.

Couldn't be that his resignation was all part of George's plan to take the spotlight off of him and Iraq while his speech writers pen the report on the surge.

Could it?
What you say?
The White House report on progress in Iraq?

There's another little ditty that deserves some close watching.

A month ago we were all waiting to see what General David Patreus was going to have to report on the progress in Iraq.
Remember General Patreaus?

Can he save Iraq? Maybe if he forms a military coo, and overthrows the Bush regime.
Over the last few weeks it has changed to what the White House was going to report on the progress in Iraq.

What happened to General Patreus?

Has anyone heard anything of him in the last couple of weeks?

How many of you think the White House report is going to say that the plan is failing?

A showing of hands please?

Now how many think that General Patreus will be the next overboard?

The bottom line is that George W. Bush is a lying, bull headed, egomaniac of a failure.
He thinks he is incapable of making mistakes.

The question was asked today, "should Alberto Gonzalez go to jail for his actions while in office"?

How many say yes?

Who thinks he should be cell mates with George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and the rest of gang?

Is George Bush a coward?

Interesting Read

One thing I'm sure of is that we have two more years of this crap to put up with, until we have a whole new cast of crooks running the show.

Obama has a good idea.

Get rid of all the special interest groups and lobbyists, and start legislating for the good of the country and all of it's citizens.

Return government to what it should be, of the people, by the people, for the people.

Sounds good.

How many think we'll see it in our life time?

That's what I thought.

I couldn't leave without lightening things up a bit.
So here's a little ditty courtesy of "".

Looks like Chelsea Clinton. But why is she calling George H W Bush grandpa?
And is that Bill hideing beneath that ball cap?
And could he have just picked the old guys pocket?


  1. woo you're full of vim and vigor today!!

    I do have problems calling Bush the worst pres EVER...some tough competition there...Nixon, Clinton...and of course, everybody's fav...Carter.

  2. dubya' got to remember the internet is here...and cameras.

    Thx for the heads up.


  3. Oldest son here again! I know how much you hate it when your son corrects you but I just have to do it from time to time. Its never meant as insult so try not to take it to harshly. Love Yah! O'Bama speaks of this directly. We are being hoodwinked into thinking there is nothing we can do as people to return our country and its government to where it needs to be. Yes you are right it never maybe fixed in yours or my lifetime but it has to start somewhere. Bush has the people of this country in a your hands are tied position. We as people need to start lossening this not on snag after another until it comes unraveled. We are like the person with a great business idea and our government is like the person we look to for advice that says your idea sucks or the nasayer. You fools we know better. We know how to rob you of your money and well being. We know how to make so you the averge person can struggle or have it harder to have what is most simple. Our country has become ass backwards and till the word is spread and people get it in their head they can do something as long as others follow or do something it will never change.

  4. I dunno. They're all crooks, all liars, all cheats. Just like wives!

    Best Prez ever was Calvin Coolidge, who didn't do shit and there were no wars and he didn't speak much.

    Great story about ol' Silent Cal. He was at a dinner and some woman came up to him saying: "I have a bet with a friend that I can get you to say more than two words". Coolidge looked her up and down, said "you lose", and walked away.

    That's true!

  5. I don't normally answer comments, except for most everyone ever left, so you should all be honored that I'm responding. BOW DOWN NAIVES AND WARDS OF THE GOVERNMENT!! Except you Chief, your my favorite, and Mic, your the best. Oh yeah Nigel, not you.
    That leaves Son #1.
    Before you write long rambling comments that look like you've been in my liquor cabinet again, read and if you must, re-read the post. You're trying to change my opinion of Barrack Obama. Take a look at the top left of the side bar. Who am I supporting?
    He has a great message.
    How's he gonna do dat doe.
    Love ya to. STAY OUTTA MY CC.

    Mom, didn't mean to leave you out of my top five list. (I actually only have five readers, so you can't help but be there. (Shhh, don't tell Mickey. You don't want to upset him).
    Let me point out a few reasons why each of the Presidents you mentioned is a little bit better than GW.
    Jimmy Carter was a compassionate man. A wimp who did little to nothing with his presidency, but he was caring.
    Richard Nixon had enough sense to realize he was terrible and that the people of the country didn't like him or his politics, and quit.
    Actually he was going to be impeached anyway, so he saved us the trouble.
    And William Jefferson Clinton for all his short comings, (no pun intended), was one hell of a diplomat. (I still haven't figured out how he didn't have a fling with Queen Noor)?
    George Walker Bush has none of the qualities of the other three.
    He don't care about nobody. Doesn't know that he's wrong most of the time, and won't resign.
    I give you the worst President ever.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. DaD, I'm respectfully bowing out of this one....I really don't know enough to keep up...HOWEVER, I'm sending Subvet over...he'll have something interesting to say I'm sure!!

    Have a good un!

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  8. Oh Oh now I've done it.
    Moms calling out the big guns.

  9. When you mention rats jumping ship, thats usually construed as last chance. I dont see any of the "squad" resigning yesterday. They set a date, hardly desperation.

    Would you rather of had dubya hide `em in his sway? `Cuz he coulda. Dubya is doing the right thing in cutting them loose. The wrong thing would of been to "allow" the squad to stay, right?

    Couldn't be that his resignation was all part of George's plan to take the spotlight off of him and Iraq
    What, you think ANYONE is going to "forget" about iraq, son?

    You have'nt heard a god damn thing out of Patreus, have you? Know why? Cause he's runnung the show in iraq. Not warner. Not Nightline or the nyt. Patreus is running the show- not all these wanna be's the media is shoving down your throat daily..

    What happened to General Patreus?

    Uh, He might be kinda busy?

    They're all crooks...
    Operative word: all!
    And our good politicians blame DC for their demise. How about being honest and putting the blame where blame belongs?
    Weak ....character !
    Discipline and structure.

    Oh, and a babysitter.

    But...getting off my butt and doing something about it puzzles me. I dont know where to start,(think thats by design, matt?of course it is; government Design) but most of all "I" dont think I can make a difference(because of the way the "game" is run). I understand your son perfectly...AND, I agree.

    The american public needs to throw off our ego and get organized(i.e. mexicans) if we really want "change"- I dont look for that happening any time too soon. I'm (?We're) too comfortable.

    I read W autobiography(i dint say i bought it) and the "thing" you come away with is one central theme. God.

    Not politics, not his moms cooking, not his cowardice, not his friends,He puts god in charge. Not since carter(in my recent memory) has anyone come out so strong on...god. I guess the culture I come from makes me want to believe him...

    Funny post, cat ( :

  10. And thank you for serving(protecting my sorry ass), all of you.

  11. Mr Fanny,
    You know better than to question me about anyone forgetting Iraq.
    Republicans are doing everything they can to turn the press onto something other than Iraq until the White House can fill us full of crap trying to make us feel good about the serge...
    I have no problem with general Patreus.
    My question is why is the White House going to give the progress report.
    I want to hear it from the man.
    Or will he be silenced because George doesn't want to hear what he wants to say.

    When's the draft starting?

  12. ID- Aint gonna be no draft, talking points memo.All talk.

    Heard betrayus is going to say, doin good, need more time.

    Or will he be silenced because George doesn't want to hear what he wants to say.

    Of course he will be allowed to say whatever he wants to say, as long as W ok's/see's it, first.
    Hey, thats the american way...if i spoke out against my boss, I'd be fired. It's called play ball or starve.

    God bless america ! No matter who's drivin...

  13. MD, "If I spoke out against my boss I'd be fired".
    Or forced to resign.

    No draft?

    Wait and see if the $20,000 bonus don't work.

    And when the Generals say the lengthend deployments are creating to much stress, and burning people out.
    What would GWs first choice be?
    A)Shorten the deployments and bring some troops home early?

    B)Use his option to start the draft?

    Don't ever question my patriotism.

    I am first and foremost an American with great pride in my country.
    If I had it in my power, I'd take the keys away from a drunk driver.
    Or the presidency away from a president drunk with power.
    Only diff is one is way more dangerous than the other.
    You decide which.

    God bless America and those who stand and serve in our defense.

  14. Hey Dad,

    Just checking in to see how Matt is doing.

  15. Hello Mark,
    We have'nt heard a word for two weeks.
    Not since he called and said they were packing to move north.
    The mother of one of the guys in his company that I comunicate with said she thought they were going to FOB Warhorse, Bacouba.

    I was beginning to worry about Mark, and you. I can see that you check in on the blog from time to time, but no comments. I lost your email address so I couldn't check with you.
    Hope all is well there?

  16. * scrolling up

    I dont think I questioned your patriot-ism.We could argue about who's drivin allDay. I'm not planning on living that long.

    I hope you're happy, I had to google FOB Warhorse, Bacouba. What, you a teacher or something?

    and quit yelling at me

  17. Yeah, that's why I don't comment either. I don't know enough to have an opinion.

  18. *leaves comment while here anyway...

  19. mr danny i wasn't YELLING,Just emphasizing my point.

    Luin, There's a lot of people who don't know enough to have an oppinion. That doesn't stop them from commenting!
    I like hearing all points of view.
    Good to hear from you again. Finaly

  20. *throws drive-by"I told you so" comment Heard betrayus is going to say, doin good, need more time into rosebushes...

  21. yikes, I get stuck in a tinkle contest...then get sick and miss you for a couple days and what happens???

    You got your own tinkle contest going on!

    I'm hoping that sometime between the 3rd and now you've heard and all is well with your boy.

    To all these folks making comments I would like to say one thing. I don't necessarily agree with all that Dad has posted and I say so, but keep in mind that it's HIS SON who is OVER THERE FIGHTING for your butt, so BE CIVIL. And YES, I AM SCREAMING AT YOU!

  22. See, I told you guys to quit messing with me, or mom would be angry.

    now yourgonna get IT.

  23. *In best civil homer impersonation:


  24. mighty, I think he needs to get rid of that stinkin, mr danny.

  25. Oh the curse of multiple personality syndrome.
    How are ya,
    mrDnny et al.
    Good to here from yu