Sunday, October 7, 2007


If you're reading this than you already know that I made a huge mistake.In my last post I falsely accused Toby Keith,

of performing the song, "If You're Reading This". Well of course it was Tim McGraw,

not Toby that performed it.
I even went so far as to email Toby, yes , Micky ,I was drinking again, and told him just what I thought of his shameless exploitation of the families of soldiers.
My wife tells me he, Tim McGraw, performed the song at a country music awards show, and had pictures of families of some of the fallen heroes in the background.
I wonder if any of the proceeds from this song are going to help the families?

I'm working out a thought about a non profit that might be able to help some of the families.
I've bounced the concept off of a business man who I met through a common interest, and I'm waiting to hear his thoughts.
So stay tuned.I/we may need some help...Back to the matter at hand.

Toby, MR. Keith, I am profoundly sorry for my error, and for questioning your character.(I'm not as good as I once was).
I will be buying a couple of your CDs soon, not only as a token of my sincere apology(but because I enjoy your music.

I will be sending Tim McGraw a message inquiring about the proceeds from his song, and explaining how it effects this father of a soldier.
I intend to call, write, and or visit my local radio stations and explain my feelings to them also.
I turn the radio off every time the song comes on.
I know the first chord of the music, that's how much it affected me.
The first time I heard it on the radio I was driving on the Maine Turnpike. I had to pull over and stop I was so overcome with grief.
Am I over reacting?

If I find that even a portion of the proceeds are going to the families, I will do an immediate about face, and salute Mr. McGraw.
I don't think I'll ever be able to listen to the song though...

Please join me in supporting a true patriot,

who has visited the troops on many occasions, always taking time for pictures with his fans,

a hero in my book.


  1. Before you jump to conclusions you need to know more about Tim McGraw.

    A Mother's Moment
    May 17th, 2007 by CJ
    I got this email from the mother of a fallen hero, Marc Alan Lee, after she returned from ACM's (she approved its release):

    I have just returned to my room after a night that will always be remembered at the Acadamy of Country Music Awards as a guest of Tim McGraw. Tim met with each one of the families individually this morning. When I get pictures from my son-in-law I will forward them. I am so blown away by the generoisty of this man and his heart for the families of the fallen and the troops who are defending our country. Not only did he pay for all of our expenses including airfare, we found out that because of the entertainment Union we were consider extras and will be paid. Imagine that on Margo and Aiden's resume: First job before the age of 1 was with Dick Clark Productions at the Academy of Country Music Awards with Tim McGraw. I wonder what's ahead in their future? ;o)

    All of this was possible because of my hero Marc Alan Lee, my Mighty Warrior. Who would have ever guessed he would be on the ACM Awards! If you've never met me or knew Marc, I was the one holding the large picture of Marc just after he graduated from bud's. It was amazing the place that by accident I was placed. They were asking all of the taller one's to stand in the back and on the top row of the risers. At 5'10" I hardly would be a candidate for the front row. I had brought a picture of Marc to use when I speak at a protest rally at Senator Reid's office here in Las Vegas on Thursday and in our meeting this morning they said we could share pictures, so I ended up in the front. After we came down from the platform instead of going out the way we came we were taken down the main floor on the side aisles. As we started to come out people began to stand. This was during the commercial break and on the previous breaks people would mingle, run to the bathroom, or go grab a beer. This time I didn't see anyone leaving they all just stood an applauded the sacrifice that our families have made and the heroes who sacrificed all for the country they so dearly loved and defended.

    My final thanks though and most important needs to go to my God, my Father, my protector and defender, who continues to open doors in amazing ways and daily lifts my head. Again today I am touched by the love and mercy of the one who knows me best. My Lord Jesus Christ!

    God bless each one of you for you love and support!


    A Hero's Mom
    Debbie Lee
    Thank you Debbie, your son was a true hero!(took from Tim's message board)

    Tim Mcgraw wanted to do a song from the soliders point of veiw, he was tried of watching the news and the soliders dying were more like numbers than people. This song wasn't even recorded when he sang it, people at the Acm's were suprised that he didn't do a song off his new CD to promote sales. He chose to do a song that no one had heard or recorded because it meant something to him he even had a closed rehersal so know would know what he was planning he didn't want to make it a media circus. If Tim wanted to make a profit on this song he would of released it a day after the show but he didn't he only released it after public demand for the song. HE HASN'T PROMOTED IT! He just sang it,yes his Cd was rereleased with it on it but the song wasn't even written when the CD was released. It was written about two weeks before the ACM's.No one told to Tim to fly the families in it was his idea, his concept and his money. Not his record label or the ACM'S.Tim McGraw has a big heart go to his web sight and see where he has a part for a Tribute to Soliders,so their families and friends can share their stories and pictures of their loved ones. He is one of the good ones.

  2. While I don't make a habit of replying to anonymous commentors, thank you for stopping by.
    I might ad for the record, I didn't jump to any conclusions.
    If you read the entire post you'll find that I said, "If I find that even a portion of the proceeds are going to the families, I will do an immediate about face, and salute Mr. McGraw".
    As with poetry, songs are written with a purpose. I would assume that this one was written to move people emotionally.
    While I grieve for every fallen hero and stand ready and willing to help their families in any way I can. I don’t agree with songs that are aimed at tugging at the heart strings of all of us who share the bond of having someone serving in this or any war.
    It’s hard enough living day to day with the worry, without someone trying to bring your greatest fears to life at public forum.
    I wonder if you are a member of our group?
    Maybe I’m making too much of this.
    And maybe not.
    I can only speak for myself.
    Thank you for sharing the nice message and for taking the time to read my blog.
    Next time please leave a name, or keep your comment personal by contacting me at the email address I’ve provided in my profile.

  3. Hooooo Hah.

    I think it was Faith.

    Youda thunk I grabbed his crotch.


  4. OK, I don't know about this one song or the info put up by anony. But I do know that Tim McGraw usually does things right.

    And so do you Dad. Good post, not everyone is so honest...or open.

    Sad that it hurts you so.

    I know that there are songs I can't listen to myself for one reason or another.

    smile tonight.

  5. M&M
    Thank you for your kind words.
    I smile every day, regardless.
    I'm thankful for what I've got.
    I've done some checking, and anony was right on.
    Tim McGraw has done many a deed for the soldiers and their families.
    While I like some of his music, I'm still not a big fan of the man.
    I don't think anything less of those who are.
    It's just my way.
    By the way, I think Pebbles and Whilma would be the cat's meow!
    Thanks for stopping bye.

  6. Good for you, clarifying the situation. But your initial take on the song is right on. Doesn't matter who did it so much as the mentality that drove its conception: it's exploitative, designed to make money. Isn't it?

  7. Yeah, but, I have a hard time passing judgment on someone who gives the proceeds to the group that is affected.
    Unless the portion they give is miniscule in proportion to the gain.
    Nice to hear from you again Nigel.
    Hope you’ve recovered from the day out with the KKK.

  8. I.D.,

    I just read the lyrics to that song and I just want to tell you that I agree with you. It's emotionally manipulative propaganda and what a wonderful candid post.

    But I guess I can cut TMc some slack if he's donating dollars to those fighting and their families. Especially since so much funding keeps getting slashed.

  9. Thank you La S.
    For your kind words.
    For you input.
    and for visiting my sorry little piece of the far side of the blogosphere.
    All the money in the world wouldn't be enough to pay for the sacrifices being made on a daily basis.
    But I agree that every little bit that goes to help families of those who have paid the ultimate price, is welcome.
    I still question the intent.
    But that’s just me..
    Like your writing..
    I visit often, when I have the time.
    Come again!!!!!!!

  10. Actually from what I understand some of the proceeds are being donated to Gold Star Families charities. I don't have a problem with any of the artists doing something like this, as long as they're willing to donate the proceeds. I know from my daily contact with the Troops, that many of them appreciate that some artists out there actually support them. There are too many in Hollywood and other places who do nothing but put our Troops down. I've heard that the evening at the Country Music Awards where this song was initially performed, that Gold Star families were invited to the concert free of charge. So, from what I read, Tim's heart is int he right place and he's doing the right thing, with his music. On our blog, we feature a section called Tunes for the Troops, where different artists have written and performed music in support of our Troops. The vast majority are donating proceeds to various military charities.

  11. Terri,
    Thank you for your input.
    I still can't listen to that particular song.
    At any rate, I've learned a lot about Tim McGraw, and Toby Keith because of my rant.
    In my opinion Tim would serve the soldiers and their families just as well by contributing time and money without writing a song that tugs on the heart strings.
    "If Your Reading This" appears to be more a play on sympathy then about support of our soldiers.
    "An American Soldier" is a song about the hardships of being a soldier, and the values that they hold dear, and as such, a fitting tribute to the troops.
    Thank you for doing what you do with your blog, and your support.

  12. In the unit that my significant other is in, they've used Tim's song at memorial ceremonies for their Fallen, as they feel it's very fitting for the situation. As he said, many of his fellow Troops have written just such a letter when they deployed, so it really hit home for them. From what I've read, that's what Tim was trying to do, is portray that. Myself I think it's a beautiful song and most of the military families that I've spoken to here, love it, as it's also about the reality of war and one of the ways that their soldiers prepare as they leave to deploy.

    Glad you liked our Blog. We try to get the real picture of what's occurring in Iraq, since the media tends to ignore it. Thanks for what you do!