Wednesday, October 10, 2007


WOW did I take some heat about the Tim McGraw thing..
I guess all those fans that ponied up their twenty five samolians for the privilege of being his fan wanted to get their money's worth out of my hide.
I'm temped to cut and paste a few of the emails as an example of their intelligence.
But I won't.

One woman who I'm assuming is no Rhodes Scholar called me, "An inconsiderite ass that dont really now Tim", and that "I should do sum reserch befor I go around slandaring folk". (That's zactly the way she spelled all of it). Anyone want her email address???
That was just one of the nice ones.
One person agreed that artists shouldn't "write songs that prey on the emotions of those of us who have soldiers fighting the war". And pointed out that there are some "very nice tributes to the soldiers".
One called "An American Soldier", which may or may not be written by Toby Keith.
I'm not going to get myself in that mess again..

Got a message from Matt yesterday.It was his answer to to an email his mom sent questioning if he was alright.
Here is an excerpt from what he had to say.
I won't give it out verbatim, because it is personal.
These bits and pieces should give you an idea as to what the guys go through.

I'm fine! No need to worry right now. We had another convoy get hit in the same spot the night after (not us) but they got hit just before dark and saw the people who did it. So they're dead and won't be planting anymore bombs. Dumb asses. Plus we took out some houses out there so if they weren't involved, next time they see somebody doing it, they'll probably kill them before we get the chance. Whatever.
We went by there two days after we got hit. It was weird to see all the destruction. The hole from the one we hit, with the pieces of our stryker laying around it. The hole from the other one. The houses destroyed. I don't understand why these people can't get it through their heads that we will leave them alone if they don't screw with us.
When they screw with us they die.
Simple equation.
You'd think they'd have figured it out by now.

I'm supposed to be coming home next month but I won't know for sure until OCT 10th. That's when they're supposed to get my dates.
So we'll see.
It should be either next month or December either way.
So that gives me something to look forward too.
Plus when I get back here I'll only have like five months left in this dump.
That'll be nice too.

Love you Ma
See you soon!!

I'm so lazy tonight.
I'm going to share the "Free Port Flag Ladies Tuesday message with you, then just surf a few blogs and hit the sheets.

True Hero's

Our fighting soldiers plod all day with heavy feet, burning hands and the sting of sweat in their eyes as they feel the rhythms of their own deep breathing. They need to know that they are not just men and women who serve their country but that they are a part of a great pattern for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY.

Elaine Greene ©

God Bless our Troops
God Bless America

The Freeport Flag Ladies
17 School Street,
Freeport, ME 04032
207 865-3414

And a little something to lighten it up some.

When ever second son and his girl friend go away for an extended stay, they leave their cat, Banks,with us.
Here's Banks at dinner.
He barely touched his Chardonnay.
Anyway, we had been talking about getting a cat, but Ted did a little figuring, and here's what she came up with.

If you stop commenting, I'll stop doing this.


  1. I'm glad your son is doing good. Thanks for stopping by ( :


  2. Hey, Dad! Let the critics walk a mile in your boots, or those of your boy... then, and only then, do they have the right to criticize....

  3. Mic, your welcome.
    And thank you. %?)

    Words to live by my friend.
    One of my favorite credos.
    I try not to criticize anyone, even if I've been there and done that..
    Everybody's different.
    What a boring world it would be if not..
    Thanks for your support.

  4. hey dad stopped in to check on you.

    glad you heard from Matt...glad to hear he has a break coming up.

  5. Hey Dad,

    Sorry I haven't been by lately. My main computer with all my bookmarks is down so I am working off a rehabed laptop. Glad Matt is OK. Think about him all the time...I talked with some friends about your idea...Everyone thinks it's a great idea so we should talk some more.



  6. I think it is important to note that nothing you put on your blog can possibly be slander.

    Opinions cannot be slander.

    And, what I think is even more important, that means what I think makes her look like an even bigger idiot, if you write it on your blog it is not slander - it is libel.

    She's so stupid. I laugh at her. Did she leave a link? I want to harass her.