Saturday, December 15, 2007

AN ANSWER TO BUNNY, and othr drivel.

I guess you didn’t look at my archives.
I have a rather dark or off color sense of humor also.

I’ve toned it down a lot lately, due in part to a bout of depression I’m working through.
And to the fact that I take being a one percenter quite seriously.
If you are one, you know what I mean. If not you probably never will.
Follow my blog for awhile, and visit the links in my side bar.
You’ll get a feeling for who we are.
FYI I am one who believes whole heartedly that you CAN support the troops, and oppose the war.
Just don’t go protesting in the streets, and at military rally’s
, and don’t support cutting funding as a means to ending the war.
Our troops are in a precarious situation.
Never before have infantrymen gone to war with rules of engagement that won’t allow them to take precautionary or preemptive action.
They can only engage the enemy when fired upon, or eminent danger is present.
How ludicrous when fighting an enemy that will go to great lengths to be deceptive.
We need a clear and concise plan of departure from Iraq.
The only direction they have is that they are to win the war.
Nobody is telling them what winning looks like.
Is it when there are no more suicide attacks?
Is it when Kurds, Shiite, and Sunni are living together in peace and harmony?
Is it when the Iraqi Army can defend themselves?
Who is the enemy?

The truth is there are several enemies in Iraq.
Mahdi Militia. (Al-Mahdi Army).
Radical Muslim Extremists.
All of the above, and more thrown in for good measure.
If you ask me Iraq was better off with Saddam and his Bathist party running the show.
Now I’ve got my dander up!!!

We need to wake up and realize that there is no military resolution to this war.
It is a political and religious civil war that we would be best removing ourselves from sooner than later.

So Bunny, I thank you for stopping by, and commenting.
I will take a look at your blog, and if I think it appropriate, I’ll give you permission to use Matt’s picture.
I hope that you aren’t exploiting families, and their soldiers as means to gain profit.
That is unless a LARGE portion of that profit is going to help families in need.
If you are, you won’t receive a very warm welcome from us one percenters.
One other thing.
It isn’t nice to post urls to your pages on others blogs, without asking first.
Sort of like putting a sign on someones lawn without asking. ;?)
If you use your blogger account to comment, you get a link back anyway.


  1. Hi
    I'm Sorry about posting the URL. That was rude but my blogger account points to a blog that's a couple of years old and we moved to a new server last year. I tried to remove my comment on your blog but I can't find the trash can icon. Could you please remove it for me?
    We aren't asking for any money, from anyone, for anything. The few links we have on our blog have been there forever. If you know of a worthy cause that will help the troops we would be happy to link to them also. We're not even asking for a link from your blog, as I said, our blog is a little off color and your readers may not find our hillbilly antics as humorous as ours.
    We have readers, we'd like to use them if possible to make a difference. We would like to add pictures of soldiers who's families would like to see them home sooner than later. We thought it would make a stronger statement when there was a face instead of just the word "soldier".
    We are going to try and get all the pictures we can, and run one with each new post to remind people that this war won't go away unless they get involved. With each picture we run we will ask our readers to post something on their blog's or web sites asking to bring these brave soldiers home.
    Thanks for listening.

  2. Thank you Bunny,
    If you want families of soldiers to take yuo seriously, and not think your up to a for profit scheme, the link to pornography would be a good thing to get rid of.
    I'm not trying to dictate your blog content.
    Just suggesting that there's a place for porn, but not on a support the troops type of format.
    Unless of course we could get some of the billions of dollars they generate to help wounded soldiers.
    Even then, I'm certain some would find it in poor taste.

  3. I think working together we can make this work. I'll bounce some idea's off you next week in an email.
    Thanks Bunny

  4. :::I bet bunny is rudy:::

    *Keeps porn under my bed, where it belongs /

  5. I dunno Mic.
    Caint figure it out yet.