Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Pressure

I was thinking,I know, your all thinking, "what a novel thing to do".
But honestly I was.
I was thinking about the holidays, and how depressing it can be.

Mom laid up with the broken hip is worried about not being able to do the things she usually does. Which is spend obscene amounts of money on all of us choosing to disregard our pleas for her to just take it easy.

Matt in Iraq.

We're having a normal winter here in the Northeast, so business is bustling.

Then as I sat at our Monday Rotary meeting enjoying a perfectly prepared prime rib dinner and listening the the local high school a-capella choir sing wonderful Christmas songs it came to me.

Christmas isn't about what we have and don't have.

It's not about whether or not we can all be together.

It is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ.
So why do we worry so much about finding that perfect present for everyone?
Why do we worry about being careful to spend equal amounts of money on each of our relatives?
We work so hard at this that we go into a frenzy.
For what?

When all is said and done it's the simple things that mean the most.
A thoughtfully written card.
A special hand made gift.
A kind word.
To be told by those most special to us how much we mean to them.
The simple present that was obviously thought about and given with love.
A present selected merely for value will soon be just another belonging and we will forget who gave it to us.
So I've decided to do what I can, with a lot of thought, for those who are important to me.
And while I will certainly have many thoughts about Matt, and probably shed a tear or two of sorrow for his not being with us.
I will give thanks for the two sons, wife, mother and many friends that I am blessed with.
I will take the time to pause and reflect on the many blessings I have, and if for just a minute, relax and enjoy.

I hope y-all, (Southern New Hampsha), will do the same.


  1. Thank you MOM, Merry Christmas to you and your's

    Thanks Mic,
    Glad you weren't at the mall.
    I was thinking of you.
    Merry Christmas to you also.

  2. J-Mom,
    Thank you, and Merry Christmas to you.
    od bless you for your work, and life of dedication to him.
    I tried to leave you a message on your blog, but Blogger is giving me a difficult time this morning.
    Please stop by again.

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  4. Hi
    We may not have the same opinions on the war and how to support the troops.
    We DO support our troops, we do not feel that we are unpatriotic asking that they be brought home to their families. We are now living in a 3rd world country, we left the states and we will not return until at least half of our soldiers come home.
    Our thoughts are with you, your family and of course your son Matt. We hope he returns safely.
    We have a blog, it's very off color, probably something you wouldn't care much for, but he may get a kick out of it. We get a lot of hits and we're asking that our readers each post a blog this holiday season in support of our troops, and to email them Holiday greetings.
    We'd like to post a photo of your son on our blog. If that's OK please let us know, if not we would understand. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and the safe return of your loved one.


  5. Dad,

    As always, very well said. We think of Matt often.

  6. Bunny, Thank you for stopping bye.
    For your answers, read my next post.

    Dad too,
    Thank you. We know you do, as we think of you and Mark nearly every day.
    You've been a stranger lately.
    Thought maybe the trip to the White House went to your head.
    So glad Mark is back stateside, and surely hope this thing winds down so he doesn't have to go back.
    My best to you.

  7. Dad,

    Would never let a trip to the White House go to my head...quite the opposite. :) With Mark around, it's been a little hectic...but, hey, beats the alternative. Hope you didn't get caught in the snowstorm. My brother lives in Waltham and they picked up a foot of new snow.

  8. Dad,
    We got caught, but only 8"s this time.
    I had to shovel my roof off yesterday.
    Gave me a lot of thinking time.
    And that's not always a good thing!!
    Waltham is about an hour and a half south east of us.