Monday, December 3, 2007


Matt and I just prior to leaving for the airport.

Matt and mom.

The three of us at the airport.

Matt headed back to the litter box yesterday.
After arriving in Atlanta, he found that they didn't have a connecting flight to anywhere for him, so they put him up in a hotel, fed him, and had him report this morning.
As I write, he is probably somewhere over the Atlantic, in route to Kuwait.

There have been happier times in the Rider household.
There will be happier times in the future.

With the way my blogging habits have been lately, I best wish you all a happy holidays.
I may not write again before.

Happy Holidays to all.


  1. The bright side is that Kuwait is a helluva lot better than Iraq or Afghanistan....

  2. well Dad, the looks on your 3 faces in these pics pretty much tells it all.

    He's in my are all of you and all of them.

    God bless.

    Merry Christmas to you too....IF you don't make it back before then.

  3. Chief,
    Your absolutely correct there.
    The dark side is he was in Kuwait at 5:00 our time today, waiting for a chopper ride back to his FOB 50 miles NO West of Baghdad.

    Mom, Thanks. Merry Christmas to you.
    We were all pretty bumbed.
    I'll be around.
    Got an idea for a blog that might be some fun for all.
    We'll see.
    Just have to get my Christmas spirit tuned up first.
    God bless.

  4. Dad,

    I can honestly say I know exactly how you feel. It's a terribly old cliche, but it does go by one day at time. And Matt should be on the down side of this deployment.

    I saw a hopeful note in the NY Times that the 4th ID was coming home after 13 months. So maybe there is hope for everyone.

  5. Dad- know all about those bad habits here; I have no will power.

    Agree w/ moh, safer.

    MerryChristmas to all; and dad , do us a favor and sit on that next 'funny' blog, K ? Spare us /

    SMILE, dammit!

  6. Mickey:
    I was smiling.
    When you get old your muscles sag.

    DaD too:
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    You and Gayle sure looked spiffey at the White House.