Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Congress approved another $70,000,000,000 today to fund the wars in Iraq, and Afgahnistan.
No strings attached.
Tied to the agreement was tons of pork.
Funding for research on growing coffee beans in Maryland.
For fighting rats in Alaska, and weeds in Massachussettes.

I've always been in favor of funding the wars to insure that our troops have the equipment to keep them as safe as possible, however,
there should be strings attached.
First and foremost a plan for ending the war.

As a business man, if I spent my company's money the way our government is spending ours.
I wouldn't have a job.
It is our money.
It's time we stand up and demand that it be spent responsibly.

Democrats slaughtered Republicans at the polls last election.
They won because it was time for a change.
Now they're making us all look like fools...

Business as usual.

Oh, and here's the thanks we get.
Gotta love it.


  1. That bloody MSNBC link pissed me off. Ungrateful bastards.

  2. Earmarks

    Both parties do it.

    The average citizen cant do anything about it-we work, no time.

    And we cant TRUST anyone in do their frick`n job, so what good are they other than the half-assed "service" we get from them? There is one guy(& I forget his name) who's known as the earmark buster, so what? 1 against dc, good luck.

    If you have a lot of money, you buy "favors" to make your life better. It's the american way, dontcha know. If you dont have a lot of money, you settle.

    God Bless America, but I dont think HE wants the job...

  3. M&M
    Welcome back.
    Loved the pics of the Christmas pageant. or however you spell that.
    Looks like you had a great time.
    How I wish I could revisit those days?

    NIGEL, I thought I had done something to offend you?
    Great to hear from you.
    i'll down another CC & Ginger in your honor tonight.

    Mic, that's the first time I can remember you leaving more than a line or two?
    Was it something I said?

  4. Shut up, I'm not done yet...

    Well excuse us(US)for coming into the mideast and spoiling it for all you ragheads who want a nuke to kill US..

    XXXXXXXcuse me!

    I love america but I dont like it.

    *never leaves a line, sniff.

  5. Mic!
    This is MY HOUSE.
    Don't come into my house and tell me to shut up!!
    I interrupt who I want when I want, in MY HOUSE!!!
    You hear me?
    Piglet with teeth?

    Thanks for stopping bye.
    I worry about you when you don't check in, and people get shot at the mall etc.

  6. It is terribly frustrating. Sometimes I think that the one percenters are the only one who gives a damn.

  7. Nah, nothing you've done offended me. At all. Just getting back into the swing of commenting on other's blogs again, post-stroke.

    I hope you guys have a good Christmas despite the distance of loved ones.

  8. Hi
    Thanks for taking the time to write me. You made a lot of GREAT points. I'll write back soon, I warn you it's going to be a long one.
    Again I say... If they had just let the troops go in and do what they were trained to do, they would have kicked ass and taken names - this would have been over long ago.
    Did you notice your link has been removed? Can't let the public see that. Gotta keep us dumbed down. Did you happen to get a copy?
    "The page you are seeking has expired and is no longer available at".
    No big surprise!

  9. DaD,
    hopefuly, even if just one at a time, we can open the eyes of some of the 99 percent.
    That's my goal.
    Have you visited the unlikely soldier yet?
    What a talented writer.

  10. Bunny,
    You couldn't possibly write a response to long.
    I enjoy your point of view.
    Doesn't necessarily mean I agree with everything you have to say.
    But that’s good.
    Nothing like a good discussion to get the brain going.
    I noticed the link was gone, and the page expired, and I wasn’t surprised either.
    I hope you enjoy your Christmas, where ever you may be.

  11. Nigel,
    Thank you, and I hope you have a great Christmas also.
    We'll be ok...
    Hope your feeling better?
    Got a hoot out off the flight tp LA post.
    i'm going to fly first class next trip.
    I didn't realize you could get all the drinks you wanted.