Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So I was sitting around thinking about how I had written nothing in this sorry excuse for a journal for the last eight of nine days, and feeling guilty about it.
Oh I've been around, lurking in my favorite places, commenting, and basically doing my best to support others efforts, but nothing of my own.
All day today I thought about how I really needed to write something, but while I'm riding in the car, I come up with all of these brilliant and Witty things to say. And yet when I get home my mind is void. Nothing!
I wonder how people who write books get motivated?
Nora Roberts sometimes knocks out two novels a year. WTF?
Then I went over to the "Unlikely Soldier" blog and BAM, there it was.
Why should I give a crap about whether I write every day or every week, or once a month?
This more a therapeutic exercise for me.
It's not to make anyone else feel good.
It's to let me get my emotions out.
While I honestly want to help others in the same situation as me, I am not going to pressure myself into it.
So there it is.
While I appreciate the friends I've made here, I'm not going to pressure myself to write something interesting on a regular basis.
If the inspiration comes I'll write, if not, I won't.
If anyone wants to reach me, my email is in my profile for all to see.
I PROMISE I'll ANSWER. (GD caps lock) I'm not going to erase and do over....
Wow that feels great.
I'm no longer a hostage to that little compulsion!!
Anyway, that's the way it is.
Oh ya, Excuses.
They're like assholes.
Everyone has one.


Heard from Matt today,
first time in ten days.
The FOB has become over crowded. Long waiting lines to get on the computer, and a half hour time slot once they do.
They've been busy, and out for two to three days at a time.
There moving soon.
Things should be less crowded, so he should be able to get in touch more frequently.
He probably won't.
But that's our Matt.
We wouldn't have him any other way..


  1. Don't feel bad about not posting.

    For me, I try to force myself to come up with SOMETHING. But that's just for me. It's an exercise in brain building (or some such palaver--I've got myself talked into that, anyway).

    Stop by when you can. Glad Matt's doing well.

  2. what the hell is that picture? I can't get over the big swords in the background...or those giant Q-tip looking things....are those tanks with a picket fence?????

    I'm lost.

    whenever you do post, I'm here.

  3. oh and it's OPINIONS that are like assholes! ;-)

  4. Thanks Nigel, hope your Birthday is everything you hope for!
    11 days later I will have one.

    Mom, I guess they're both like assholes.
    Those are the crossed sabres in Baghdad where Saddam used to hold huge military showing of power rallyes.

    And the tanks with picket fences? Well those are Stryker vehicles.
    The fences are shields to keep rpgs from making direct hits to the sides.
    Than you for being there.

  5. yikes, guess I haven't seen pics of the shields before. God Bless our Troops.

    I answered your question, come and see if you like the answer ;-)

  6. Dad,

    I sometimes feel the same way but then I have terminal writer's block.:)

    Hope Matt's doing OK.

  7. dad-
    Glad to hear matt is ok.

    I imagine having a laptop makes posting a lot easier.

  8. Thanks Mic.
    The lap top is great, the posting, not so much..
    Wanna be a guest poster?

  9. I'm flattered, but I dont have the time right now.
    As far back as I can remember, I've always had that diesel fuel smell in my nose, and in my clothes.

    I can remember hearing semi's running all night and waking up in the backseat of our car, waiting for my dad to show up from one of his coast to coast runs. My mom, my siblings and I, spent many hours in truck stop parking lots, waiting.

    Finally St. Dad would show up and to this day, I've never seen a man and a woman kiss so passionately; my mom & dad.

    Guess it was worth the wait...

  10. Hi, just stopped by to see how everyone is doing. Hope all is well.