Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Fifty eight..
Just a number.
No big deal.
It's realy a harmless number.
Probably not one that a sports team member would pick.
I can't remember if there is a NASCAR team with the number 58?
As a matter of fact I've never given the number much thought.
14 is my favorite. Then probably 12.
But 58? Nah.
Well today, I did a lot of thinking about 58.
By my reckoning, it's two less than 60.
And 28 more than thirty.
I turned 58 today, and while it's not a number that bothers me, it is only two shy of 60.
I hope the two go bye slower than the 28 it took to get here from thirty did, because I sure liked being half of 60 better than I'm going to like being 60.

For my birthday, and don't get me wrong, I'm not about presents what so ever, I got a nice home cooked lasagna, and a real fancy Budweiser bar mirror with nick nak shelf for a man town room I'm renovating, from #2 son on Saturday.
A wonderful card with a fifty dollar check from mom yesterday.
A twelve pack of Long Trail Blackberry Wheat ale and a nice card from #1 son.
Amazingly, I realy like the new fruity micro brew ales, and Long Trail is made in Vermont, about twenty minutes up the road.
In my younger days I would have had some choice words for the kinda guys that would drink fruity ale.
Funny how time changes perception.
My wonderful wife took me out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, and gave me a nice card.
I got a card from my mother in law.
But the thing I cherished the most?
When I got home there was a message from Matt on the machine, wishing me a happy birthday.
It brought me to tears.
How I wish I had been here to answer it.
While all of the cards and gifts are special, I think everyone will understand why the phone call was my favorite, this year.

That's Matt on the left.

I sure do miss him.

We all do.

Bunny, if you read this, thanks for stopping bye, and asking about Matt.
Sorry I didn't respond.
Been in kind of a funk lately.

I hope everyone will write or call their congressmen, and tell them not to vote in favor of slowing down the reduction of troops in Iraq.

I'll post more about that later.



  1. Happy birthday Dad. I am two years and nine days behind you. For us Aquarians, mercury has been in retrograde for the last three weeks, so it's not been a good time for us. The waiter dumped a tray of drinks on me for my birthday lunch :) The birthday phone calls were a big deal for us too.

    Mark and I are starting a new blog called Outside the Wire. It's an open blog for soldiers who, well, spend their days outside the wire. If Matt has anything to say, there will be a place to say it.

    Again, happy birthday. I resemble your remarks. :)

  2. Dad- Happy happy

    *6months behind ya.

  3. Thanks guys.

    I'll let Matt know, Mark.
    I'm sure he'll check it out, but he doesn't say a lot.

    A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mark.

  4. Aw, quite your whining Infantry Dad! I got you by nearly two years! Uf you think 58 is bad, man you oughta be looking at 60 in about 2 months. Never quite got into that star stuff but my daughter-in-law tells me I am a Taurus and it fits me. Not sure what that means, hmmm. Like your blog. Only good thing I see about turning 60 is my son will be home from his tour of duty in Iraq and I will be eligible to retire from my job. My wife says that just means go get another one. "Hi, welcome to Wal Mart?"

    I got one of those phone calls except mine came on Father's Day. Damn, you would think old guys like us wouldn't tear up but...oh hell.

    Happy Birthday, sorry it's belated may you have many many more and a safe return for your son.

    Bloging @ markoneeleven.blogspot.com

  5. Quite my whining ha.
    Seeing how your so much closer to 60 than me, I'll just call you pops.
    So pops, thanks for stopping bye.
    I haven't been doing a lot of blogging lately, so a lot of the old friends don't stop by much.
    Dad, and Mickey seem to stick in with me.
    Your son is 82nd?
    In Baghdad, or Mugdadiyah?
    Matt is at FOB Normandy, Mugdadiya.
    He has been a gunner on a Stryker, but I'm not sure what he's doing lately. Still on the Stryker is all I know.
    Thanks again for stopping bye.
    I'll check out your place soon.

  6. stick with you????

    who doesn't stick with you???

    geez, give a girl a break, I go to work for 3 12 hour nights in a row and miss your first post in a MONTH!!

    OH, Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you......

    I won't tell you how old I am ok? **big cheesy grin**

    Glad you heard from Matt, sorry you weren't there, that really sucks. As we said back in HS (many moons ago) it sucks so hard it farts.

    airbornedad, I thought Mark was home now?? What did I miss??

    Well, still praying for you guys!

    airborne poppa, if'n ya want leave your soldier's name on my blog somewhere and I'll add it to my prayer list.

    Dad, enjoy your fruity ale while you can...........(resisting the urge to mention prune juice...resisiting....resistance waning..........)

    love ya, smile today okay??

  7. Ms,
    How does one say thanks to that?
    Now you went and brought a tear to my eye, and made me laugh all in a couple of lines..
    You are truely a friend, and I didn't mean to leave you off the short bus. er list I mean.
    In case DaD also doesn't catch this, Mark is home at FT Brag.

    Hope all is well with the Vet, and the kids.
    Don't work yourself to death.
    Life is to short, and you already have the best things that money can't buy.
    God Bless

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You have many great years ahead of you.

    You're not just getting older you're getting better and that my friend is the truth. You are at a time in your life where you can make some changes that count. You are respected within your family and your community embrace this and run with it.