Sunday, March 9, 2008


I check my blog almost daily, and the blogs of friends on my side bar.
I don't comment as much as I used to.
Sometimes I'm just to tired.
Sometimes I'm just not motivated to.
I've become more comfortable with blogging.
For a while I was obsessed.

Checking three or four times a day to see if anyone had commented, or replied to my comments on their blogs.
Now I'm comfortable knowing that those friends that I've made here in the blogosphere are there for the long run, and if I should be so moved as to post something particularly moving to them they'll comment.

And if not, so be it.
I don't do this for profit.
Although I'm entertaining the thought of trying just that.

Maybe in my retirement.
Maybe after all of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are home, and the deplorable situation in that part of the world is resolved.
And that brings me to the subject of my thoughts for this cold and windy day here in New Hampshire.

Mighty Mom, MY WONDERFUL LIFE.emailed a copy of,"A Soldiers Last Words".
It was what I assume was a journal entry of a Sargent serving in Iraq, who was killed in action shortly after writing it.
While he made many valid points, and voiced many opinions that I share with him, there was one subject that I find most troubling.
While I'm certain I'll stir the rath of some, I must get this off my chest.
Some, I have no way of knowing how many, of us who support the troops are of the opinion that a person can't support the troops while simultaneously speaking out against the president.
I beg to differ.

I do not support George Bush, Dick Chaney, et al.

I am in total agreement with those who would have them tried for war crimes.

I support hole heartedly those who would move to have them impeached.

And yet I support our troops 100%.
Let anyone who doesn't buy that, call me on it..

I am not in favor of the immediate removal of all troops from Iraq.
I will not protest our involvement.
I am in favor of taking any action deemed necessary by the military leaders in country to strength the government of Iraq and support the innocent citizens in their effort to live a free and peaceful life.

I do not support George Bush, Dick Cheney, and their advisers.

They all lied and fabricated issues to support their lies to get us into the war, and not a one of them is man enough to admit their mistake.
That being said, I don't support those politicians that would cut funding for the troops as a method of bringing the war to an end.

George Bush now claims that we are in Iraq because there are terrorists there, and we are fighting the war on terror.
Well I've got news for GW. The terrorists followed us there.
They are there to attack us, and they will take extreme measures to get at us.
Even using civilians, women, children and mentally handicapped people to blow up markets and public gathering places.
They play on our humanitarian ideology by posing as innocent people in need of help, and when our soldiers try to assist, they ambush them.

I challenge anyone to accuse me of not supporting our troops because I speak out against our government.

Go ahead.
Take your best shot.

The true non-patriots in this situation are those who would follow the words of a red neck cowboy that thinks the only way to bring democracy to the world is by beating it into others, one country at a time.

On a personal note.

Last week I wrote that we had a tentative date for the 4th brigade to be home.
Now we have a range of dates.
Unfortunately, the range starts at the date we had, and goes forward.
As my friend Airbournedad says, "it's the Army, you can't believe anything you hear until it actually happens".
For some interesting insight, and great writing by his son, a paratrooper with the 82nd, just back from the litter box, visit,
One Percenters

I know, I've been a little long winded, but I have one more thing to add.
To all who have stood up and volunteered to serve our great country present and past, a great big thank you.
These are tough times for our military, and the few that are serving are paying a big debt for all of us.
Because we as a nation haven't been asked to sacrifice a thing, as in other wars,the magnitude of what we are doing isn't as readily apparent.
I urge everyone reading this to think about what they have done for their country.
How have you repaid your debt for the freedom and comfort of living in a country where you are truly free to make decisions about what you do, and how you live your life.

Few serve so many can be free is a fraise that comes to mind.
Think about it.
If your young enough,and physicaly able, consider a tour in the military, if not, there are many other ways to serve.
Volunteer in you community.
Do something to make life easier and more pleasuable for those less fortunate.
If you are healthy, and well off, feel the obligation to repay some of your good fortune.
For ideas drop me a line.
To all who serve in any capacity, thank you.


  1. WOW!

    Infantrydad, you shouldn't hold back so much. I guess I wouldn't have believed it unless I read it on your blog. That's what makes this county so great. I feel just the opposite yet we both support our boys. I read the 9/11 commission report, which as you know was bi-partisan. I basically believe it. When you have Iraqi Generals telling Sadam he has WMD, I kinda think he has WMD. I may be slightly prejudice regarding the intelligence as I served in Intelligence during 1966 and 1970. It is not an exact science.

    I will not challenge you on your support. In my mind I am pretty much black or white. You are either for me or against me. Speaking out is a right of all Americans and I support your right to do so. By saying you don't support the Commander in Chief you infer you don't support his decisions. I believe this has a trickle down affect and hurts both our boys in the long run.

    If we can win this war with half the support of the Americans, just think what we could do if everybody supported it. Both our boys would be home now.

    I will defend your right to speak your mind. I just don't agree with you.

  2. Thanks AP.
    I appreciate your point of view also.
    Even though I don't agree.
    I wasn't against the invasion of Iraq.
    We went there to 1)Find Weapons of mass destruction. 2)Remove Saddam Hussein from his reign of terror. And 3)Aid the Iraqis in conducting an election and forming their own goverment.
    There were no WMD, we got Saddam, and they had their election.
    The insurgents came to Iraq to attack us.
    The problems between tribes, Sunni, Shiite, and Kurds have gone on for years. Removing Saddam magnified the problem into a near full scale civil war.
    This is a tribal thing that will take place sooner or later.

    Now what I realy think.
    We should have remained focused on Afghanistan, and Ossama Binladen.
    Now the Taliban is growing to levels beyond when we first desimated them, and Al-Quaida is stronger than ever, and growin in numbers in Pakistan.
    We're in a mess, and someone with real ideas needs to step up and form a plan.
    I don't think the Bush gang is capable.

  3. Hey Dad!

    hey, if it gets you to post more I'm gonna send you every single email I ever get just to see what you think!!!!

    (for the record, I pretty well flat disagree with you-----and love your blog all the more for your point of view)

    anxiously awaiting the moment when I can do my "he's home safe" dance for Matt like I did for Mark!!!!

    maybe I'll get really brave and post a video of it....or maybe not.

  4. Infantry Dad,

    I don't know about you but I want MM (Mighty Mom) to post the video. Maybe you should run a poll to see who wants to see it and who doesn't. Also, I know she will be back so MM, will you do a "he's home safe" dance for Jacob. His BOG IS NEXT A WEEK FROM TODAY, but who's counting, ME!!

  5. Dad,

    I think you and I see Washington D.C. pretty much the same way. And I agree that everyone has to give back. I don't see this ending anytime soon either.

    I vote for the video.

    Hope Matt is well...

  6. Hey,Airborne Poppa:

    Falcon Brigade?

  7. Thanks all.

    I vote for the video... By my count that's 3.

    I know it doesn't sound like it by this post, but I LOVE THIS COUNTRY, and I am sick over what is becoming of it, and my feelings toward our leaders.
    No matter who's to blame.
    We can not afford another for years of smash mouth in your face diplomacy.
    I don't know what the answer is, because when it all boils down, evryone in Washington is on the same team.
    And they all know how to control the game.

  8. Airborne Dad,

    Roger that! Black Falcon, R U familiar with the unit?

    And, to Infantry Dad, I do believe we all feel the way you do that is the reason we are so damn frustrated with Washington. They ought to move the capital to Kansas City if you ask me.

  9. dad-

    For me, pro blogging is a long ways off...too much work.

    best to you and yours

  10. Airborne Poppa,

    Absolutely. We are the Red Falcons. They got doubled up on their deployments which is why they came home in November and not March. They had deployed separately from the brigade in O6. Came home for five days and got ordered back.

  11. Remember that. A lot of unhappy people then, Glad he got to come home in November.

    Black Falcons in sometime next week . Will be doing limited posting after Saturday dividing time between grandkids and daughter-in-law. Been a long 15 months for them, as you well know.

  12. oooo ooooo oooo Poppa you email me or leave a comment when he's on US soil and I'll dance my fool heart out!!


    gonna keep ya guessing on THAT!


  13. OK OK OK,

    I've recorded the dance.

    As soon as Airborne Poppa tells us he's home I'll post it.

    I suppose if your soldiers can risk their lives for me I can dance like a fool on the www for them. :-)

    (Yes, Matt will get a dance too once he's home)

  14. Hi Mic,
    If I can get a word in edgeways here .
    Its great to hear from you.
    I hear ya.
    Pro blogging is for those with a lot of time on their hands.

    I'm going to start charging by the lins for comunication through my
    comment box lol.
    Just kidding, you guys are always welcome here.

    Stick around long enough and you'll get to see Mom dance.
    I for one can't wait.
    Could we get a little preview? Mom?
    Could we? Huh?