Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's been a long time since we heard much about Baghdad.
Not really all that important.
We've got primaries and caucuses to deal with.
Gotta make a decision between Republican and Democrat.
One the party with bad ideas and the other with none.
I use to hate elections, because they always seemed to boil down to a choice between the lesser of two evils.
I was really excited about the election of 08.
There seemed to be some real good choices out there.
I bought into Barrack Obama's hope and change mantra early.
I liked Ron Paul, remember him?
Now that Hil and Bill are getting down and dirty, Barrack seems to be buckling, and turning toward fighting them on their turf. Rather than stick to his clean and wholesome campaign strategy.
Maybe when all the smoke and mirrors are taken away we'll end up with the same old choice between the lesser of two evils.

That wasn't where I was going with this post.
I opened my brain and it just slipped out.

Back to my point.
There has been little news about Iraq on the tube, and in the press.
Two post ago I paid tribute to two soldiers lost from the 4th brigade in Diayala province.
The fourth is Matt's brigade, and while they weren't from his company, it was close to home.
I don't recall hearing much about it, other than in the circles I travel here in the blogosphere.
Well some of the events of yesterday, hit the news.
A car bomb in Mugdadiya, and a suicide bomber that walked up to troops walking the streets of Baghdad and ignited himself. Killing five soldiers. They haven't released names or units yet. I watch Rueters though, and I can tell you that there is a lot more happening than makes the news.
While the surge has had an impact, you be the judge about how effective its been.


  1. The Monsour neighborhood in Baghdad was a short walk outside of Mark's FOB. It wasn't in his area of operations but he had been there on multiple occasions.

    We can guess at what the unit is because it is likely the one that replaced him...but we won't do so here.

    It was a "heart and minds" patrol and there was no way the bomber would have known they were there. It was just horrible, horrible luck.

    When you read Reuters, you have to separate incidents that are truly related to terror and incidents that are just flat out crimes. When Mark left, the going rate for an IED was a $100. No jihad. No war. Just thugs making a buck.

  2. thanks guys, now I'm really depressed!!

    I love what slipped out when you opened your brain as I see a lot of truth there!!

    soo soo sooooo sad about the lost soldiers.

  3. There's a lot going on in Iraq. The surge didn't come close to working. The press won't cover it, especially Fox. It sickens me that they constantly call themselves patriots yet they refuse to cover the war or what's going on over there. These bombings deserve more than a blip of coverage. Fox finds a governor with a prostitute is more deserving of airtime than the solders, or the war in Iraq.
    Fox is entertaining, but it's not news. Demand real news.


  4. I'm sure AD will take exception, but I don't think one can find real news in the US.
    All of the news services have political motivators, one party or the other. They report the news in a manner to inhance the party they favor.
    As for why they're mum on Iraq, I don't know.
    A few months ago they would trip over themselves to report soldiers being killed in Iraq, and Afghanistan. I wasn't a big fan of that. I think they should wait untill next of kin are contacted.
    Now they don't even report the unit.

  5. ben: ????
    Thanks for stopping bye.

  6. MM
    Nope, I'm on the road in Maine..
    Been enjoying the emails.
    Talk to you soon.