Wednesday, March 19, 2008


For what it's worth.

After reading THIS
I was compelled to respond.
while doing just that it occurred to me that I was using up a lot of AirbornDad's space for my blathering, so I decided to turn my comment into a post.
Dad if you take exception at my directing readers away from your blog, please accept my apologies.

A couple of things.

1) A lot of the soldiers read blogs. So they know that they have the support of those of us who write blogs, and those of you who comment.
By showing your support of us, and sending your well wishes for our soldiers, you support them.
My son, Spc Matthew Rider, 2-23rd inf 4th bde strykers, currently in Baghuba, reads this blog, and truly appreciates your support.
He emails me frequently, but is always wary of commenting in a public manner.
Big brother is watching, and they do reprimand soldiers for commenting publicly about their feelings regarding the war...
Unless, of course their opinion is in line with the leaders, and they give a glowing review of how things are going, and tell of how happy they are to be, "living the dream".

2)The support of those who have no one serving is low because no-one but those of us with loved ones fighting are being asked to sacrifice anything.

3) My opinion, (hate me if you want) Our soldiers aren't dieing in Iraq for our freedom. They're dieing while trying to free the Iraqi people.
If we were fighting for our freedom and security, we wouldn't have directed our attention away from Afghanistan and hunting down Ossama to settle George Bush's personal vendetta with Saddam.
Let's not forget that we still have soldiers fighting that battle who are under staffed, and under funded.
Who's supporting them?
Those of us with soldiers who aren't do to get out anytime soon will probably see them there before long.
4) If we were fighting for our freedom and security, we'd be in Pakistan rooting out al-Quaida.
al-Quaida came to Iraq to attack us.
They see the civil war in Iraq as an opportunity to kill Americans.
And they don't care how many innocent Iraqis become collateral damage.
If you really want to support the troops, send letters, or call your congressmen and let them know how you feel about the situation.
Oh, and continue commenting here, and on family of soldiers blogs.
Read some of the blogs on the sidebars of this blog, and "Onepercenters", and comment there also.
The soldiers in infantry units serving outside the wire don't have a lot of free time.
they work long hours with little personal time, but I can tell you that they do spend time on line, when they can, and they do appreciate your kind words, well wishes, and prayers.
As do we, the families.
You too are hero's.
God bless you.

Please not:
I didn't mention our president's glowing review of the war on national television today...


  1. awe, you showed such restraint!! I'm impressed!

    We, the normal everyday American people...even those of us without close personal ties to those serving in our military DO WHOLE HEARTEDLY SUPPORT OUR TROOPS no matter where they may be stationed.

    I disagree with you on one point. Any and every service member no matter where they may be stationed, be it Alaska, Germany, Okinawa or Afganistan is fighting for our freedom. I don't care if all they do is push paper clips around a desk in Ft. Worth, they are doing their part to fight for my freedom and I am GRATEFUL.

    OK, you say that service members read your (and others) blog.

    So hear me now. I'm speaking VERY LOUDLY!


    (and there's a LOT of people out here who feel just the same as I do!)

    So, please, tell the Main Stream Media to go take a leap.


  2. Nice post, Dad.

    I have found that folks who don't have sons and daughters overseas will step up when asked. The Starbucks campaign here has worked very well and when asked to donate coffee to the soldiers, they dig deep. Maybe we need to be more creative about asking.

    The media definitely plays a role here. Because of the fifth year anniversary (somehow that doesn't seem the appropriate word), Iraq is a top of mind issue this week. But next week, the media will be off in pursuit of the latest Barack-Hilary dust up. The war(s) will fall to the back pages, if it's in the paper at all. As a former editor, I know the newspapers can put an Iraq/Afghanistan out front if they wanted to.

    To the soldiers who read this blog: "Godspeed and thank you. You are in our daily prayers."

    Also, I believe Eighty Deuce came home last week. My son has a friend in the same company and he came in last Thursday. He was happily buying guitars and a truck over the weekend.

    Sorry for the long comment.

  3. Mom,
    I feel the same way as you about the men and women in the service with regard to keeping America free.
    They volunteered, and every job in the military is important to the over all mission.
    Sorry if it appeared differently.
    My comment was that we, the general public, are being lead to believe that the war in Iraq is about our freedom.
    The Bush administration is bent on scaring the unknowing into believing that if we don't dessimate al-Quaida in Iraq, they will follow us home, and we will have to deal with them here.
    I've got breaking news..
    They're here already.
    If we were to pull our combat troops out of Iraq, and concentrate on Afghanistan, and their enclaves in Pakistan, they would follow us there.
    They have no interrest in Iraq, or any other country for that matter.
    They just want to kill all of us who don't share their views.
    Thank you for your support.
    I appreciate your oppinios, and candid comments.

    You are welcome to leave comments of any length at any time.
    Great to hear from you.

  4. Here is what I wrote just last week.

  5. Dad, you're right they are already here and will follow us where ever we go, they are bullies and sometimes you need to knock a bully on his ass.

    Airborne Dad, my Troop Support Posse is mobilized and ready to go anywhere support is needed!!

    I'm DANCING!!!!!!!

    Airborne Poppa's soldier is BOG Safe and Sound!!!

  6. Film MM.
    We want film.

    Lucy; Not much I can say.
    To choked up.
    What a wonderful tribute.
    Thank you for sending it my way.

  7. film is up and running come and see.

    look for "ANOTHER SOLDIER'S SAFE!!"

  8. Great post!!!
    I agree, this war has nothing to do with America's freedom. As a matter of fact since the war began Americans have lost much of their freedoms.
    Cheney and Bush both admit the war is to liberate Iraq. The majority of the Iraqi's want to be liberated for sure, liberated from people who believe the only way for Iraq to be liberated is to be bombed into submission. I used to think Jesus would be ashamed of a country that would force peace onto another country by killing it's people, but what do I know. The one thing the last 7 years have taught me, is that I'm no longer a Christian, Jesus isn't who I thought he was. Christians will tell you they do Gods will, it seems God keeps willing them to vote for the party that promises to continue the bloodshed.
    I don't fit in...


  9. Ignore the advertising.
    If I want to shop for Plasma TVs I will search for them myself.
    I don't need door to dor salesmen using my blog to promote thier wares without my approval...

    I find it sad that you would let the actions of our goverenment, and other groups of extremists and radicals change your view of the lord.
    It's unfortunate that or elected leaders have chosen to take us in a direction that as all but ruined our stature in the world.
    With the right leaders, and a lot of damage control, we'll be back.
    I believe that god is on the side of good, and all others will be proven wrong.
    at what cost?
    I don't know.
    Hope all is well with you and Early..
    Happy Easter.

  10. Bunny, you have my sympathy. My head is bowed in prayer for you as I know several other readers of this blog are or will be when they read you comments about no longer believing in G-d or Jesus. If I may take a moment and ask you to google Bible and war I believe you will find many passages where G-d and Jesus support war and soldiers. It is part of His plan that we do not have the ability to understand. My son just got home and save being tried, worn out, and missing the wife, kids and rest of family says they did a lot of good while there. Ours is not to wonder why. RECONSIDER your position on believing and ask your Priest, Rabbi, or Pastor for some help in understanding. As a parent it is very hard but as a parent it is a must if we are to survive while our children are away.

    Sorry didn't mean to get so long just really feel Bunny needs some help to understand.

    Proud Father of an 82nd Airborne Soldier.

  11. Sorry folks got hung up on Bunny and forgot to say Happy Easter. Hope this finds Matt and his buddies well in the giant sandbox.

  12. Thanks AP.
    We haven't heard from Matt in a couple of weeks, but I know that they moved back to Warhorse, which is right in the middle of where the crap has been happening the last couple of days.
    We're holding our breath.

  13. Dad, my prayers are with you, your wife and Matt.. I was touched by what you said to bunny.

    Poppa, you're exactly right. Good on you for saying it!

    Happy Easter folks.

    ps, Dad, you may want to delete that "advertising"'s a link to a virus. I always hate thinking that someone will accidentally click in the wrong spot and lose everything.....

  14. Dad,

    Just a quick question. Not trying to get any arguments started. Since you are an Obama supporter what do you make of all this hoopla about his preacher?

    Another thing, When will you quite addressing this as President Bush's war? As I recall 87 Senators and 300+ Congressmen voted for the authorization. Shouldn't we call this the Government's war?

    Next time you em Matt or talk with him please give him my best and a hearty Thank You. Can't wait to see MM do her dance for him when he gets home.

  15. when IS he suposed to be getting home anyway??

  16. Infantry Dad

    Thanks for the good wishes. I hope you and yours are well and enjoying spring time. Hopefully Matt will be home in time to at least catch the tail end of it. I hope everyone's loved ones come home safe and soon against the wishes of those who wish to prolong this war - the voters. In order to do the damage control you speak of, the right leaders will have to be voted in first.
    It's not the radicals that changed my views, it's the majority. Stop by our blog if you get the chance. I finally got the answers to my God verses War question directly from a good Christian. After reading their views the cost you speak of will be great.


    I'm glad for you that your son made it home safe. Live, Laugh and Love.

    HI MATT!!!
    Best wishes from the The Hillbillies! You're in our thoughts...


  17. AP
    I prefer to discuss matters rather than argue on line.
    A majority of congress voted in favor of the war only after receiveing mis-leading information from the administration.
    Colin Powell bought into it hook line and sinker, and then resigned when he realized what had transpired.
    I won't hold the opinions of the Rev. against Barrack.
    Thank you for your wishes...


    The latest date for we're getting is the first week of June.
    The Mahdi Militia might have a negative influence on that...

    Our weather forcast for tomorrow here in the southwest corner of New Hampshire is for temps in the low tirtys with 6 to 8 inches of snow.
    I'm headed to Cape Cod tomorrow, have a tee time of 11:00 am.
    Don't think it's going to happen, but we will go and enjoy the weekend anyway.

    Thank you.
    Send me the url to your site again if you could. It's in the old computer that is very very sick..