Sunday, April 6, 2008


Actualy, time sometimes goes bye, and other times seems to stand still.

When I think of a year ago at this time, Matt had been in Kuait for a short time, it seems that time has flown.
I assure you that living through this year + has seemed to drag on for ever.
Like the movie "Ground Hog Day" it seems we go through a lot of the same things, in our minds, day after day.
I prefer to wake up to the television, set to local news, so our alarm is the tv comming on at 5:15 am daily. (I turn it off on weekends). ;0).
From there it's get up shower, a bite to eat, and out the door. All the while thinking, lets see, what time is it in Iraq, wonder what Matt's doing now? Hope their all safe. And so on.
These thoughts haunt every quite moment of every day.
Now we're down to a couple of months, and again time is standing still.
Haven't heard from Matt in a week or two.
I guess, by the news we get, they've been busy.
Thanks to the spoiled fat brat Mugtadha el-Sadr, who all of a sudden felt the urge to get his crazy lookin puss back in the news.
As in the past, his Mahdi Army picks an opportune time to start blowing things up, and attacking Sunnis, in what appears to be an effort to draw attention to themselves, so Muggy can offer a truce. For the right price, usualy more say in the government, or protection for himself and his followers.
Back in the early days of the war, 2003 or 04, a company of Marines had him and his band of hoodlums surrounded in a mosque in Sadr City, and could have either decimated them, or atleast rounded them up and put them away for a while. They were orderred to stand down.
This went on for three days during which time several of them escaped.
Mugtahda mean while negotiated freedom for those who remained, by trading their weapons.
The basicaly laid down their arms, and walked out the front door and down the street.

Anyway, we're anxiously awaiting a definate date for the 4th brigade home comming.
The word is the first week of June.
We'll believe it when we see the plane land..

Meanwhile we've been busy planning our trip to Mexico, so we've had something short tem to look forward to.
As it is a coporate charter, we didn't have to make a lot of travel plans.
We've been busy buying warm weather wrdrobes, and wrapping up loose ends at the business.
Then in a twist of fate, came the word that ATA airelines had ceased operations.
ATA is the carrier that held our charter.
Not to worry I thought. There are a lot of other airlines.
The agency will have a contingency plan.
The whole trip was almost scrapped on Friday.
The team of hosts was given a list of attendees to call and break the news too, but told to wait until they were given the greenlight.
The travel agency has since found transportation for all but 45 of us scheduled to go.
While we're not sure who the 45 are, we hope that by the deadline of Tuesday, they will have arrangments for all.

I had pictures to put up, to make this a little more interresting, bu there seems to be an issue with blogger this morning.
And, sorry for not writing for so long.
Soon, I hope to be able to end this diary.
When the fourth brigade is in country, safe and sound.
It aint over till Mighty Mom dances though.
I thank all of you for your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes, during this trying time in our lives.
While I may stop blogging, I will continue to read, and support your offerings.
In the words of one of my favorite songs.


  1. Dad,

    I hope they got the arrangements for your trip straight. I am sure you are ready for some warm weather.

    One of the most frustrating stages in the deployment is waiting for the date. After two deployments, Gayle and I chalk it up to the logistical nightmare of moving so many brigades in and out of Iraq.

    When you receive the stop mail date, then you will have some clue as to when the window will be.

    We think about Matt daily. His name and address are taped to my computer screen along with others we have followed.

  2. Dad,
    I think they'll be in Kuait the last week of May, and Washington State the first week of June.
    We've got airline tickets that we bought at a charity auction for the visiting nurse association and while we are going to enjoy Mexico, we are looking forward to Seattle.
    The plans for Mexico are all set.
    We fly out of Boston this Sunday. 6 AM :?( So we'll stay at the Hyatt Logan Saturday night. The Park and fly deal is reasonable.
    I'll post some pics to the blog from Puerto Vallarta.
    We think about Mark often, and are thankful that he's home safe.

  3. hey, hey, wait for meeeeeeeeeee!!!

    well, at least waive as you fly over Dallas-ish ok??

    have a good time.

    can't wait to dance for you.

    I'll be sorry to see you stop blogging though.......

  4. Mom,
    I was thinking about that, waving that is.

    There wouldn't be much difference between stopping, and doing what i've been doing lately.

    I can't wait to see you dance either.

    I hope to post, with pictures, from Puerto Vallarta, at least once.

  5. fyi 'Kuait is spelled Kuwait...

  6. I know how Kuwait is spelled.
    I was talking about Kuait.