Sunday, April 6, 2008


I had edited the last post, and added a few pictures, and colors, and links to some soldiers Myspace pages, but Blogger screwed it up royaly, and lost a lot of my post.
I pulled a lot of the remaining hair out of my head, and being as i have a lot of things to get accomplished today, decided not to spend another two hours reposting...

I see Blogger has a new draft running for us to try.
Maybe they want to fix this version first?

Just a thought.


  1. Hi hope all is well.
    I read that they're going to keep some troops longer than expected over the summer at least. Many are not going home after all, but they said it was just the guys that enlisted and want to be there. That the only guys left over there are the ones that want to be there so it won't put any additional stress on them because they actually signed up for the military.

    Is that going to affect Matt? I hope not and Doubt it but thought I'd ask.


  2. Bunny, They are trying to slow the draw down, but only on brigades that weren't involved in the surge.
    Matt's brigade was one of the first to go as a result of the surge.
    They were scheduled to go anyway, but went a couple of months early.
    As it stands now his unit should be out of country in late May, and back in Washington the first week or two of June.
    Thanks for stopping in.
    Hope all is well in your world.
    Is it warm down that way?
    Cause I'm looking forward to some warm..

  3. HOW AWESOME!!! I'm thrilled he still get's to come home.

    If you want warm you're not going to get it. If you want perfect on the other hand you are coming to the right place.
    Did they get your plane lined up?

  4. They did.
    We fly out of Boston on Northwest air at 6:00 AM Sunday.
    Stop in Detroit, where the forecast is for sleet, rain, and snow, then straight to Puerto Vallarta.

  5. You're going to love it! Couldn't have picked a better time to come south. Wish you could have made it just a little farther down, but maybe next year...
    Glad you got your flight straightnd out. Maybe you can post a few pics when you get back.
    Have a great time!


  6. ummm bunny?

    "it won't put any additional stress on them because they actually signed up for the military."

    we have an all volunteer military, everyone who is there signed up for it, regardless of whether they expected the war or not. They all signed the same contract and should have read it through carefully before signing it. (yes, this includes all reservists.)

    Dad, have a great time!

  7. Mightymom

    Sometimes I have a difficult time putting thoughts into words, thanks for clarifying. Yes I was speaking of the reservists that were trying to pick up a few extra bucks for their families and maybe some college money thinking they would only be sent to the front lines in defense of THIS country. There were others that signed up with the impression they were going to be kicking ass over the 911 deal then afterwards found out otherwise. The article stated those people are now home. The people that are left, knowingly signed up to do what President Bush now says we are doing in Iraq "protecting our interests". You're right they should have read the contracts better. They would have seen that they can be sent anywhere, anytime to protect corporate interests. For long time, hard line, republican, military families like the one I came from, it doesn't matter what the fights over as long as there's a fight and free bullets. They sign up at 17 (yes 17) or in my Dads case 16, and they leave when they are forced out. My Dad was forced out totally deaf.
    My point is, there are lot's of families like mine. Why have stressed people there who don't want to be there?


  8. 'Dad,

    Why would you stop a good cat fight! I am just reading and enjoying and then get to your post about no fighting. Doggone it, it was just getting interesting. I think Mighty Mom was up in points but not by much. Bunny may have scored in the next round but....oh well....

    Ladies, it is nice to see such passion supporting our troops and I know you both do. Bunny you lost technical points when you brought up President Bush. He's not running this year and 87 Senators voted to authorize the war with Iraq.

  9. Oh Good Grief Guys!!

    Bunny, these two old farts would fit right in with your "anywhere there's a fight and free bullets" family! (it's a JOKE folks, don't get your dander up)

    I ain't fighting no one who honors our country. we be on the same side!

    I understand what you mean about the first groups deployed are now home and those who enlisted since knew what (exactly) they were in for....but my comment still stands, those who joined the military ignorant of the sacrifice inherent in the paycheck were fools.

    And unfortunately, the families like yours (and my husband's) are dwindling in numbers. I'm very sorry to say. There seems to be more and more folks who think the American Flag is just a piece of pretty cloth....suitable for any use,...even making purses out of....(I'm referencing an "arguement" some of us are in over at my place...) more and more folks who have forgotten that every freedom we enjoy was purchased by a soldier's blood (or hearing in your Dad's case).

    And Bunny, we all have bad typing days...


  10. I'm back, with a sun burn.
    I was joking about the fighting.
    I love a good debate.

    Flags, that were made to be flags, should be treated with the honor they are due.

    Cloth made to look like a flag, aqnd used in a patriotic manner, ie shirts, shorts, purses, are ok by me.
    Anyone who has no respect for the flag, has no business living in the country, no matter which flag, or what country.

    Pops, she called us old farts.
    Bet I could give her a run for her money!!!

    on the dance floor.

  11. 'Dad, yeah, I see where MM called us old farts. Well, I guess I qualify, but I am not sure she knows me well enough to confirm that statement. NOW MY wife, hmmmm. HA Ha Ha. Im just finishing up work and listening to Sean Hannity and the PA elections Now that is getting to be a fight.

    You gotta love those ladies though they both support our boys and our county. We need a lot more of them if you ask me.



  12. FILM DAD, quote you. :-)

    I wanna see YOU dance! (I'll wait till June...or whenever)

    Glad you're back! missed you. Did you wave to me??

  13. Welcome back, Dad. Hope you had fun.
    How's Matt?

  14. Regarding today's post concerning Blogger: Yep, we are probably in for another rough ride, since the geniuses at Blogger have once again decided to improve things. Remember the last time? We suffered; we waited for things to get better and then, they eventually made us convert to their improvements and things did not work entirely right for quite some time. Whoopee! Looks like, here we go again....

  15. Well hello there Chief,
    Life is full of lttle trials and tribulations, and one big screwed up Blogspot... :0)

  16. I'm finding that it's easier now, to blog on the weekends, when the good old Blogger crew is not at work. Pictures load up much faster, etc.