Saturday, June 28, 2008


In reference to Airborne dads latest post on the demise of war reporting, and in particular Lara Logan.

I hear it a lot lately.

"Things must be quieting down over there, there isn't much on the news".
The serge must have worked".

And now the news.
Things must be quieting down.

Could it be a conspiracy?
A little help for John McCain's campaign?

Nah, those most honorable Republicans wouldn't have any part of that.

While I have no doubt that the serge did wonders for our over worked and under manned troops in Iraq, I seriously doubt that it did much good.
The war in Iraq is a civil war between tribes that is going to play out one way or the other.
If we, (the US), aid the weaker of the tribes in winning, when we leave the strongest will retake the government.
Our involvement is causing a considerable amount of confusion by bringing Al Quaida, and every other radical Islamic group with an axe to grind with the good ole US into the fray.
I feel a strong sense of responsibility to stay in Iraq and clean up our mess. Yet I feel that if we cease combat operations, and move on to other matters at hand, (Afghanistan), the extremists will follow us, leaving the Iraqi tribes to settle the issue in their own way.
While it probably won't be a democratic process. It will be for the best of the country as a whole.

Just my two cents worth.

I want to welcome kbug to our small but growing group of "One Percenters".
Stop bye and say hi.


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On the home front, five days until we pick Matt up at the airport.
I won't forget to charge the battery for the camera this time.

Remember our heroes in harms way daily in your own personal way. The power of thought and prayer is mightier than you think.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I wonder when we're going to go after Mugabe? Talk about your WMD!!!

  2. Dad,

    I'm glad Matt will be home soon. I'm sure he is more than ready for a break. Salute him for all us dads out there.

    FYI, Mark is home on block leave. Maybe we can compare notes later :)

  3. 'Dad,

    Enjoy the time with him and after the salute give him a big hug from ABNPOPPA AND ABNMOMMA.

    Concerns in SC, an arm load of fireworks and block leave and adult beverage, hmmm, sounds like one heck of a 4th!!

  4. Pops, sounds like we need to send you prayers for a SAFE Independence Day!

    Dad, good thoughts there today.

    Glad his block leave is so soon!

  5. Thanks all.

    Hope you have an ordinance specialist handy pop.

    Still waiting on the dance MM.

    Compare notes we will DAD

  6. I know you must be looking forward to your son being is sooo wonderful when they return. Enjoy your time with him...and give him my best..... :)

  7. Thanks for reminding us. I forgot about the dance too!

    Come on MM, your fans are waiting.

  8. I'm working on it!!

    Believe me you have NOT been forgotten!!

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  10. Thanks so much for your support, I know I could never do what our soldiers do overseas. So many people forget about the guys who are actually fighting and keeping us safe. I'm kind of a wreck right now but I think I've finally found a good outlet for my frustrations. Thanks again for the support and just know that you've got a friend in me. :)

  11. Stacy, I'm greatful for another friend, but it's you that needs a friend, and the other people that frequent this blog and I are here for you.
    Before you know it, Mike will be home and all this will be behind you.