Sunday, July 20, 2008


July 20 2008.
From the Keene Sentinel.

Petraeus: al-Qaida may be easing up in Iraq.

Read for yourself.

I wondered as I read this headline, what is he up to?

BAGHDAD — After intense U.S. assaults, al-Qaida may be considering shifting focus to its original home base in Afghanistan, where American casualties are running higher than in Iraq, the top U.S. commander in Iraq said Saturday.

Oh I see, building a case.

I don't think he needs to build a case!
It's been fairly evident from the beginning that we should have concentrated on Afghanistan.

I found something very fishy about his interview.

“We do know the foreign fighter flow into Iraq has been reduced very substantially,” he said. From a peak of 80 to 100 foreign fighters entering Iraq each month, the total has dropped as low as 20 per month, he said.

My question?
How do we know how many foreign fighters are crossing the border?
Do they check in?
Is someone counting them?
If so, then why aren't they being detained?

I think it's all another smoke and mirrors show.
Cut the crap General. Tell it like it is. We screwed up, and now we need to go and take care of business where we should have been all along.
But no.
We had to go rid Iraq of
It's time we start getting the truth.
The Army wants three more brigades in Afghanistan to help those that are there and overworked.
Plain and simple.
Stop building cases with non definable numbers and purported intelligence that turns out to be mistaken.
Start taking care of business.
Start telling the truth.

Matt's block leave is half over, and it seems he's having a good time.
There seems to be a lot less withdrawing into himself, and a lot of the old humor that he was known for.His brothers, girlfriend, and mom and I are enjoying our time together.
Time that we wondered if we would ever have.
To the families of those brave men still deployed all I can say is hang in there.
Keep the faith.
There are a lot of us praying and pulling for you.
Before you know it your soldier will be home.


  1. Hey, your video is FINALLY up!!!! come and see.

  2. Hey Dad,

    Glad Matt is doing well. Hard to believe that both of our sons are back in the States. It seemed like such a long time...don't know if I can face another one.

  3. Weeks go bye, and all you have to say for yourself is HEY?

    Wonderful dance Ms, and Sugars was a treat.

    I know dad, I'm now counting down the months to seperation. 10 to be exact, and hoping for no reasignment, or stop loss.
    Matt actualy said that today was the first day he's been bored.
    That's a good thing, as he heads back west next Wednesday.
    Afghanistan has become the 800 lb gorrilla in the room know.

  4. Dad,

    Was stranded in Reagan last night en route to Logan for this weekend's wedding. Finally got to the hotel at 10:45, 12 hours late. The weather looked horrendous. Hope everything is OK up your way in NH.

    SGT Mark arrives from Fayetteville tonight and we are packed from top to bottom with events. So until next time, it's double or nothing next time Jags take on the Pats.

  5. Dad,
    The weather was an hour east of us, but extreme.
    We got about 4" of rain in three hours, but no wind.
    Glad you got in safely.
    I've got a full weekend also, but we will get together sometime, I promise.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Just check'n in.

    Glad the storm spared you, that would be all you'd need...

    `Round here it's getting to be an everyday event.

  7. Tornados in New Hampshire are vary rare.
    Could the end be near?

  8. Hey there,
    my boyfriend is leaving sunday for his 2nd time to Iraq. I asked him if he was being sent to Afghanistan, but he said his papers stated he was called to Operation Iraqi Freedom. However, I know that nothing is written in stone. He could just disappear for a while and I wouldn't know about it. 18 months of uncertainty...oh joy.

  9. Thanks for dropping bye Stacey.
    You are welcome here anytime.
    Which unit is Mike assigned to?

    I'm going to link to you, and enter you in the one percenters club on my blog roll.

    One percenters stands for the one percent of our population that have a loved one serving in Iraq, or who have served in country.

  10. Hi, Stacy

    Welcome to the blogging world of military families. You will find a lot of people pulling for you and your loved one at these sites. Give us his name and he will be added to my prayer list. Keep us posted on him.

  11. Hey there,

    Mike is assigned to 100th battalion 442nd infantry regiment. He'll be in Ft. Benning and Hawaii for a while and then off to the land of sand. Everything will be posted in my bloggie...since I have no one else to talk to about all of this. No one here really understands, not even my own family.

  12. Hi Stacey,
    It isn't something that is easy to understand.
    And one can't realy explain it to someone who has never experienced it.
    The Army trains soldiers to deal with what they will come against, and you just have to trust that Mike has learned his lessons well, and that the other guys in his company and platoon are all committed to coming home alive.
    After that it is a lot of luck.
    Those of us who have experienced the military, and have loved ones who are or have been deployed and know what you are going through are hear to listen, and talk whenever you feel the need.

  13. Hey there,
    Mike left this morning. He should be in Ft. Benning right now. He'll be there for a few days until he finds out if he's going to Hawaii for training or staying there. Everything is in the blog.

  14. Hi Stacey,
    I too will add him to my prayer list. And you as well.

    I-Dad is right, those of us who haven't experienced it have no way of understanding. But we are here to support you, pray with and for you, and listen to you.

    You've found a good group of folks through this blog and I hope that the next 18 months become more bearable for you knowing you are surrounded by others.

  15. I'm here.
    I've gone into observe mode.
    The next post is my 150th and I'm trying to find something special to post.

  16. Ok, well I'm tired of seeing the same 17 comments I'll see your 17 and raise you one.

    How's the I-Dad house? How's Matt??

  17. Hi Ms.
    We're all good.
    Matt is bored to death.
    Waiting out the nine remaining months until he can get on with his life.
    That is unless they stop loss him.
    He has already decided not to re-inlist, and they aren't assigning him to any training, so he doesn't think they'll keep him in.
    One never knows with the Army.
    Thanks for thinking of us.

    My next post is 150, and I wanted to do something special for it.
    Just have'nt hit on the right idea.

  18. letting you know I found you again after my computer mishap. you might like the video I just posted........

  19. Thanks Ms.
    I've been realy busy and have'nt had much time for anything other than work.
    I'll check it out.

  20. got someone I'd like you to meet.

    her son joined the Army this week and she could use some "been there done that" support.


    you still doing okay??

  21. my boyfriend is home!!! he got in on tuesday and is leaving tomorrow but, i'm so happy :)

  22. I'm doing good.
    Thanks for asking.
    Just can't get the motivation to write. I made a promise to make my 150th post special, and while I've got some neat stough to post, i can't inspire myself to do it.
    I've read jens blog before, but I'll stop by.
    Thanks for being a friend...
    Sorry I'm not a better one.

    Enjoy every minute you have, and don't worry about the tomorrows.

  23. Dad! you're a doll! thanks so much for leaving her a comment!! I know it means a lot to her!!!!!!

    now get off your butt and get out of your rut and WRITE THAT POST.

    we miss you.

  24. Thanks for the upbeat comment on my blog about my son. I really appreciate knowing that others are here. Funny during my husbands tour all was fine, even growing up with my dad killed in Vietnam(2 months before I was born), but to stand behind and recognize that my son is a man, and that he is taking his place for this nation has been an awakening.

    I am proud beyond belief as I loved the military life, and the mentality of the soldier and the family. I am so very proud that my other sons and daughter have such an example of honor, as my son took his dad and I aside and had a "talk" with us. He explained that he understood that I would have concerns growing up with the realization of the worst case scenario...but he also said that he must stop expecting another. He said Why not me mom?....He then said we seem to as a nation expect everyone else to carry the load.(even in this economic situation) but he said one can not complain or whine unless one offers a solution"

    He said that he hears so much about pride of our nation yet sees so little, he said it is his time, his place and HIS country to stand tall for.

    I must confess that I am extremely proud of him and the education that he received!(he was homeschooled)

    Thanks so much!
    Bill's mom!

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