Sunday, October 5, 2008

THE BIG 150,

I thought I might start a new blog for the 150th.
One where I would search other blogs for interesting subjects, and then interview the writers for my material.
I'm still working out the logistics of that. It might still be on the horizon.
Then I thought of making it a tribute to Matt, and other soldiers who were, are, or will be deployed.
I will probably still do that at some point. But not now.
After all of the time off, and with all of the work I have awaiting me getting three houses ready for a New England winter, Mom's, which is on the market, mom's next door, and ours, it becomes easy to loose my train of thought.
So I guess I'll post a few of my favorite pics for all to peruse, and then get on with the day.
My favorite is of Matt, and three of his comrades as they watch their replacements at work.

Then there's Spc Keith Lee who is a buddie of Matt's, but wasn't in his platoon. I got to comunicate with Keith from time to time, and enjoyed his insight. Keith lost his dad while he was deployed. A sad time for all.

Spc Lee and his beautiful wife Jodi.

Keith in a fire fight. Pictures don't do this particular situation justice I'm sure.

Trouble on route Barley.
Matt's ride arter being tricked out by a IED.
Matt's bed. "Only for a couple of weeks" he said.
I don't think I'll complain about my mattress for a while.

We can all sleep better with Spc Rider on watch!!! I guess he didn't get a very good nights sleep on that floor?

Thank to those of you have checked back often enough to find this latest blathering.
Don't forget to say a prayer for all those still serving in harms way.
And, thank a veteran for his service to our country.


  1. Welcome back, Dad. Enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for posting them. Prayers are being said for those are still there. We have two friends whose sons are there now and another who is returning.

  2. Thanks Dad.
    Hope all is well with all the Middlebrooks?
    Five months, barring re-assignment, and stop loss, for Matt.. But who is counting.
    When we last spoke he was talking about volunteering to go back? Probably a little remorse, or anxiety?
    We're hoping he doesn't.
    I wish the pictures had posted better> the one of Matt and the other guys sitting on the bench is great. The looks on their faces tells a story.

  3. GREAT POST!! yeah!!

    glad to have you back!

    and for the record, I like both your idea about future posts....but please, do me one favor. Go back to this post and click on the pick to enlarge it from your original source before you save it.....then upload the enlarged pic to this post. Please?? my hubby stole my magnifying glass!!

    you're terrrrrrrific!

  4. MMs, I did a crappy job on this blog, because I spent two hours posting and uploading pics, and then something went wrong, and it would'nt post. So I edited it, shortened it and butchered it.
    I spent way to much time that I did'nt have, so i posted it the way it was, mis-spelled words, partial thoughts and all.
    I'm so pissed off......
    I feel better now.
    I'll see if i can fix the pictures.
    If not, you can see them on my Facebook page.
    Thanks for your kind words.
    your the best.

  5. Hey! Glad to see you are back too! Between getting the houses ready you can find a little time to post. It's really good to see you back. I wish I could get Jacob to pose for a picture.

  6. Thanks pop.
    Most of the pictures I have I found on Matt's friends sites.
    He doesn't like to have pictures.
    The one of him and his squad on the bench was taken by a photographer.
    I've tried to upload them again so they can be enlarged, but the upload feature has'nt worked for two days.
    For me anyway.
    Great to hear from you.
    Hope jacob is well.

  7. well poopy doo doo.

    glad you're here though all the same!

    how are things in your neck o wood?