Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It seems strange to me to say Happy Veterans Day?
Sort of like Happy 9-11 day.
Or Happy Memorial Day.
I suppose to those who served our country and are alive to talk about it, it could be a happy day?
Most who are alive and lived through the hell of combat don't want to talk about it!
Usually groups of veterans will talk about their specific branch of the service with other vets.
Rarely have I heard those who were in combat units talk about battles.
They shouldn't have to.
Who that never experienced it would understand anyway?
So this is a sombre day for me.
A day to reflect on all the hero's who served and are no longer with us to celebrate this day.
And a day to say thank you to those who did their part however small or large.
I will honor all today at two ceremonies as a member of the American Legion Post #4 Keene NH color guard rifle squad.
Then all area veterans will be treated to a luncheon at the post home.
I'm sure I'll tip a toast or two to my comrades, shake a hand or two, say thanks, then it's on with life, knowing that we are better off for the dedication and actions of the brave men and women who have answered the call to duty.
Those who for whatever reason have said "Ill go" and gave two or more years of their lives to insure that we are free to enjoy our way of life.
If not for them there would be no decision of weather to say thank you, or happy Veterans day, or both.
So thank you to all for your service and sacrifice, and Happy Veterans Day.

PS The image upload feature was'nt working this morning. (darn it).
Be sure to check out Google's tribute to vets.


  1. Two great posts, Dad. Well said.
    Hope Matt is doing well.

  2. Would it be that someday, we had no need to thank anyone.

  3. Dad,
    During one of his routine medical check ups they found that he had a partialy dislocated collar bone, a rotated disc, a dislocated rib?, and a partialy torn maniscus.
    Other than that he seems to be doing well.
    Counting the days till next April.
    He'll be home late the night before Thanksgiving. we can't wait.

    Chief; Would'nt that be a glorious day!!!

  4. Dad, thank you for your service, and for that of your son.

    Matt, as I said to Sgt Mark, thanks doesn't even begin to cover my feelings, but it's the only word I have. So THANKS!

  5. Dad,

    Cool widget. I had to immediately go out and get one myself for The One Percenters and La Florida.

    Hope Matt is healing well. Mark still has stress fractures in both legs and plantar fasciitis (fallen arches) in both feet. His shoe size has grown by one and a half sizes during his second deployment.

  6. Dad,
    Sorry to take so long answering.
    Just got back from a few days of hunting in Maine.

    Yeah, I stumbled on Feedjit from another blog, and had to have it.

    Are Mark's injuries common to paratroopers?

    Hope all is well in Florida.
    It was 69 degrees in here today, but rainy.
    I was on the road most of the day anyway.

  7. Infantry dad- Whatcha huntin'?

    Good post.

  8. Hope you had good hunting while in Maine.

    I suspect Mark's injuries have more to do with carrying twice his body weight while on long patrols, but we really don't know.

    It's 42.7 this a.m. Much too cold for Florida.

  9. Mic.
    I've been hunting that elusive white tail deer.
    Got pictures of two does walking by the camp at noon.
    We don't shoot does though.

    The shin splints are'nt from compression from hard landings?
    It was 70 degrees here on Sunday morning.
    21 as I write.

  10. ID- Got a couple nephews who climb trees and wait. They never come back empty handed. `Course they're young enough to CLIMB a tree.

    ( ;