Thursday, November 20, 2008


Is anybody else tired of hearing Rush Limbaugh run his mouth?
Barack Obama is the choice of the people Rush.
So stop bashing him on a daily basis.
Maybe it's just that Rush isn't smart enough to come up with something new to bitch about.
Every day he goes off about Obama being in bed with the terrorists. And Obama is going to ruin our country with his socialistic ways. And we need to watch Obama closely....
I've got news for mister Limbaugh. While he was waisted on Oxycontin for most of the past eight years, his Republican heroes ruined Americas stature in the world, and ruined the Republican party for generations to come.
In my opinion Rush Limbaugh is a Communist.
So shut your fat face Limbaugh.


  1. ID,

    Don't hold back man! Tell us how you feel! Quite honestly although a Limbaugh listener I am getting a little tired of the Daily Dose also. We lost, He won, now let's get on with getting us out of this mess and it doesn't include bailing out everybody under the sun. MHO of course.

    How's the soldier doing. Haven't heard much from you lately.


  2. Hi Pops, I've listened to Rush for years. Back before the Bush years even, before I was forced to become an independant. What he is doing lately is exactly what is wrong with our political system.
    Too much blaming the other guy for all the problems.
    I know I blame George Bush for a lot of our woes, but that's just because I don't like his red neck ways.
    It's time for our elected officials to figure out a way to get along, and get what's best for all of us done.

    Matt's doing well. He just got off the phone with his mom. today's her birthday so he called to wish her a happy one.
    He's comming all the way across the country for Thanksgiving. Getting in late Wednesday night, and heading back on Sunday.

    Glad to see that Jacobs brigade is out for this round.
    Hope he's well.

    Have a great Thanksgiving holiday,

  3. ooo boy!! Gonna be a Thanksgiving full of Thanks at your house!!

    so glad Matt's going to be able to be home!

    If you're tired of Rush...why not just turn off the radio? works for me! ;-)

    thanks for the new post, I've missed ya

  4. I'm not tired of rush.
    I'm tired of his Obama bashing.
    It's time to move on to bigger and better things.
    Like the CEOs of the big three.
    They could use a little bashing.

  5. Dad,

    He's a good boy. Calling mom on her birthday. I hope the same holds true at my house as ABNMOMMA'S is the 30th. Can't tell you she's 54 she beat me with a frying pan.

    I remember those overnight visits. My dad once flew me from Ft. Gordon GA to Columbus, Ohio for on Friday evening and return to Ft. Gordon Sunday afternoon. Cost him something like $90. That was a lot of money then.

    Glad to hear Matt's doing well. Stop by my Conservative Outrage Blog. We have a good discussion going on with Elizabeth from New York, New York. She leans a little left but I read some of her posts and think she would like to lean right.

    I quite being a Republican several years ago but I still support President Bush most of the time. I now call myself a Conservative.


  6. I've been having a terrible time with either Road Runner, or my computer.
    Have'nt been able to get on line since Thursday.
    So sorry I have'nt responded to comments.
    Pops, I won't tell if you don't, but your misses is three years younger than mine!!! lol.
    But then again, age is a case of mind of matter. If you don't mind it don't matter.

  7. Have'nt been able to get on line since Thursday.

    Uh, the switch is right there.

    About Lush Rimshot...

    I listen to him everyday. No, I'm not sick...well, maybe a little.
    He's right on more ocassions than not , that's why I listen. But I can't agree with you more about Obama bashing. It gets old. But he won't ever quit. Hannity is the one I refuse to listen to anymore.

    I just write another installation of Taylor Flue when that happens and ID, your comments are always right on the mark(wink), and always appreciated.

    My alternative is savage.

    Glad to hear about your son, son.

  8. Thanks Mic,
    I listen to Rush a lot to.
    Not because I like what he has to say, always. Sometimes I do, but not always. I like to listen to all sides of the story.
    I could'nt agree more about Sean.
    He's a condacending self centered puke.
    In my book.
    But then I haven't written a book.


    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

  10. When you going to rum for mayor?

    That would be really keen.