Saturday, January 24, 2009


Airborne dad was complaining about snow.
Well dad, I've got some snow for ya.
We're giving it away. Bring a truck and shovel, and take all you want.
I was going to don my Tevas and get in the picture, but it was 10 degrees.
Pic was taken in front of my office last year, but it is representative of this year. The snow bank is just as high.

Happy to report that Spc. Rider is on assignment in Bangkok Thailand. Should be back in WA State by the end of the month, then about 90 days till separation.
Rumor has it there's going to be a party.


  1. fabulous news!!!

    what's 10 degrees to a seasoned Yank??

  2. MMs, If it hits 10 degrees three days in a row? A heat wave.
    We had a spell of -20 nights and no more than 15 degrees days.
    For any who have never experienced -20, when you step out into it and breathe in your lungs feel like they're burning.
    You can literally feel your nostrils stick together, because they're freezing.
    Thanks for stopping bye.

  3. ID,

    Well I just quit complaining about my 11 days in a row below 32 degrees and the 4 inches we had! Does the thermometer REALLY go to -20 degrees? Not is Ohio, I hope.

    Bangkok! I hear that's where they send you to get you to re-up. All those Thai beauties and the exotic S/E Asian atmosphere.

    Party, huh? I bet more like BLAST!!! That's great.


  4. Pops, the thermometer in the mirror in my pickup read -24 one morning.
    I put it in the shop at work, and when I backed it out it was on 69.
    I dropped 10 to 15 degrees every few seconds, got to 33, then just started flashing, "ice, ice, ice".

    I have a sneaky suspicion that the Bangkok trip was a ploy to get him to re-up.
    Ply him with liquor and loose women, and get the signature.
    Don't think it's going to happen tho. He went to college to get into police work, and I think he wants to get on with that.
    Thanks for stopping bye.

  5. Can you believe those snow drifts? The nerve!
    ha ha.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Matt and thinking good thoughts for him on his mission.

  6. LL
    Thank you.
    I wouldn't worry about Matt on this mission.
    As Pops said, it's probably the Army's way of trying to change his mind about re-upping.
    He has a degree in Criminology, and is looking forward to getting on with life.
    So I don't think he'll be easily convinced.
    But if he is, we'll support his decision.
    They had a very difficult fifteen month deployment. He lost a few good buddies, and just doesn't want to go through it again.
    He said when he was home that he didn't want to put his mom and I through it again either.
    I think I aged a bit.
    Concentrate your thoughts and prayers on Chris, and all the other soldiers in harms way.
    I am.

  7. As much trouble snow can cause, there is so much beauty!
    I love to hear of party rumors!!!!


  8. thanks so much for your comment!! b efore we were here in KS we were actuallt stationed in Ft Lewis. we were there for 2 years and i miss it soo much! does your son like it there? how long has he been there for? thanks for wishing my hubby a safe andfast deployment. hes been gone for 4 months already, so its going by. hope to see you around. can i add you to the list of blogs i read?

  9. Just trying to keep the illegals in line.

    Somebody's gotta...

  10. Another snow day today(9")- Omaha is closed! I don't know why, we were warned a week ago...hick honks.