Saturday, February 14, 2009


It's been a while, so let's see if I can remember how to do this?

Matt went to his first ETS briefing last week, and is 85 days away from being a civilian.
A inactive reserve civilian that is.
Most people who have no connection to the Army don't realize that even after you fulfill your active duty commitment, you have several years of in active reserve during which you can be re-activated in a moments notice. I think the number is twelve years?
So we count down the days, and hold our breath and cross our fingers, and hope that the unit doesn't get assigned deployment before ETS.

It has been a brutal week in Iraq.
While I try to relax, and put the fifteen months of stress and fear out of mind, every time a soldier loses his life it all comes back.
I can't help but hope that the loved ones know how much we suffer for them.
We all share in this terrible and tragic thing called war.

We share and rejoice in the good news, and suffer for the bad.
May god bless each and every family as well as all of the brave young men and women serving our country so selflessly.

I'm done bitching about the weather..
It has been beautiful for the last few days here in New England.
Still cold, but sunny.

The kind of weather that reminds us of why we love living here.
Today I think I'll do a little ice fishing.
I'll take some pictures to share.

Happy Valentines Day


  1. your words are so very touching. I can "hear" your troubled heart as I read your words. My prayers are in abundance for all of our soldiers.


  2. I am honestly troubled by all the senseless crap that is going on in the world.
    It's also difficult to be simultaneously happy for ones self while feeling profound grief for others.
    Gives me sort of a guilty feeling for feeling good.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words.
    How are all of your soldiers?
    And you?

  3. Oh My God.

    You're still alive!!!

    That's wonderful!!!!!!!!

  4. M&Ms Don't tell me you haven't noticed me lurking... lol
    I'm enjoying reading more than writing for the time being. Plus I always say if you don't have anything worth saying don't say anything.
    Thanks for stopping bye.
    Hope you had a nice Valentine Day?

  5. Hi, Infantry Dad. Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about my V-Day card. I do love hearing from people.

    I read your post, and it really moved me. My son in law is in Fort Bragg, for the time being, but word is he may be headed for Afghanistan soon -- instead of becoming a civilian, as his time card says. That back-door draft is a killer. Anyway, he has already served is 15-month surge time in Iraq, came home and married my daughter, and for now, NC is home.

    Like you, I feel a little guilty being happy that he MAY be released to civilian life before he is redeployed, while so many have lost their loved ones to this stupid war. I just hope it all ends soon.

    Happy Valentine's Weekend.


  6. thanks so much for the comment! I have to admit though that as far as my ACU bag goes......I cnt all. never even tried!!! there is actually a lady on myspace( believe it or not) that does them. My hubby thinks Im a bit crazy for chopping up a $58 ACU top, but its a small price to pay for me to be able to "carry" him with e while he's away!!! lol. thanks for your kindness of adding my hubby to your well wishes list. I will send the info to you!!!!! :) thats really touched y thanks. hoe you had a great V-day.Enjoy new england...i miss it. I grew up in CT...ahhh the mmories! anyways, keep in touch, and matt is in my prayers as well...deployment or not :)
    take care

  7. Amen, Dad. Mark has been out of harm's way for quite some time now and yet I still have a hard time relaxing. Gayle and I too "share and rejoice in the good news, and suffer for the bad." I'm not sure it ever ends.

  8. KJ: Thank you for stopping bye.
    I wish the best for your son in law.
    Is he in the 82nd?
    Airborne Dad's son is a Red Falcon, 82nd Div. At FT. Bragg.

    Jen: I write what I feel. Not in effort to touch peoples hearts, but to let people know that they aren't alone.
    I suspect that I will spend the remainder of my life trying to comfort others experiencing what we've been, and are going through.
    I don't get through a day without spending some time reflecting on my feelings about our service men and women, and praying for their safety.
    If you need an ear, (or eyes lol) I'll be around.

    Dad, we need to do the beer and lobsters, and Red Sox thing this summer.
    Lats make plans soon, before time gets away from us.

  9. Just stopped by & noticed your blog looks sorta different; you get a haircut?

  10. And a shave mic...
    Courtesy of "The Cutest Blog on the


    hey i was just reading you blog.. you said you thought the inactive service was 12 year. im 99% sure that is 8 unless its changed in the past year. i could be wrong. also in the 8 years his active time is encluded. so if he did for years active, then hes only on the hook for 4 more as an in active reserve. i hope this info helps alittle.

  12. Thanks Mike.
    I couldn't remember either.
    I remember serving 7 years in the Active reserve, and then being on in active for 5. that's where I came up with the 12.

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