Thursday, February 19, 2009


So I'm home sick with the flu, (probably caught it from Airborne Dad), and I'm surfing the Ft. Lewis News trying to find out something about the death of a teenage girl in a barracks there, when I come across this highly intelligent comment.
"My god you have to be joking here...
The military has been assaulting and raping
there own people for years now... Four in
five female soldiers have been assaulted
and or raped by there fellow
servicemen world-wide.... The vast majority
of service - men (used loosely) are either
rapist them-self's, voyeurs or complacent
I never look at a Military person as a defender
of the American people.... I rather see them
as the are... Losers who feed on the American
Tax dollar..... Personally I'll call them what they
really are,,, mind-less rednecks pretending to
even care what America stands for ..or did at
onetime.... they join the ranks for cash, money
for college (right) or to avoid jail time....
The American people have aloud this
because it's only cheesy brain-dead already
rednecks that do the dyeing...
In short what happened here is they Killed
a young beautiful soul.... they almost killed another...
and tomorrow they will do it again.....
and please don't ever pretend you
give a rats ass for America.. or this would have never
I agree with the last sentence in bold.
The rest of it is some kind of ignorant blathering.
I can't imagine that any American would have this opinion of our soldiers.
The Army is a huge community, and like any of our cities there are individuals who are less than reputable citizens. But to paint all of our military personnel with a broad brush is ignorant at best.
Here's the comment I left in answer.
"What an idiot. "aloud"? Most third graders would catch that grammatical error. Better to keep your thoughts to yourself and be thought a fool then write a comment like this and remove all doubt.
Stop by www.militarydad.blogspot, and leave your thoughts so you can really fined out how smart you are."
While I doubt that this individual will stop bye, I certainly hope he does.
Then my 1%er friends can weigh in.
Or maybe I'm the one who's wrong?
Here's a link to this comment.
In the event that you would like to stop bye and say hi.


  1. Dad,

    This is more than an outrage. I was going to post something but I thought better of it. I will calm down and then post.

    Good luck on the flu. I haven't been able to kick this thing yet.

  2. Dad,
    I'm not usually prone to knee jerk reactions, but I couldn't resist this one.
    I fought this thing for three days, but lost the battle last night. Had the chills and hot spells off and on all night. Terrible headache also.

  3. Oh.




  4. Hmm... long time no see.

    My son's on his 3rd tour. he's somewhere in Mosul with the 3rd ACR 2nd Battalion, from Ft.Carson CO.

    Quite a November, eh? How's your son with the "progress" in Iraq? Mine wants to go to Afghanistan. The rat managed to make me a grand daddy his last time home.


    Boilermakers are a gift from God.

  5. It has been a long time...
    Many thanks to your son for his service. And to you for supporting him.
    Matt doesn't speak openly about his opinion of how things are going in Iraq. From conversations we've had after a few beers I think, and I'm speaking about my impression from what he said, he feels that politics are more the problem.
    He would probably rather be deployed, than doing boring work around the post...
    He has 78 days remaining until ETS, and truly wants to get on with life as a civilian.
    Good to hear from you...

  6. Ms.
    I guess that sums it up.
    In a word, or three.....
    Hard to believe there's that much hate in one person...

  7. Dad- Sounds like someone is lonely.

    While no doubt that some enlist because of the monetary perks, most do it to protect America. You've got to remember that these guys are risking their life everyday over there...there's always a few bad apples.

  8. HOLY COW!!!! thats crazy talk!!! that dude should get out of this country.geeze. love your comment back to him...and the sarcastic stab" fined" hahahahaha your awesome! :) keep up the good work

  9. Wow.
    How do you spell "ignorance"?
    Oh wait.

    You know, some people still haven't figured out how to make an appropriate, defensible argument without being politically incorrect or close-minded. And to those people I say, their opinion doesn't matter anyway.

    I'll definitely be over to put my $0.25 in. Because you know, I've got more than just two-cents! Oh yeah.

  10. not that was funny.

    im the husban of the lovely jennifer mcneil who posted a few post above mine. ive been in the army for 5 years now and im on my second deployment. i would love to have responded, but this government computer doesnt allow cookies or something like that. i dont know ( it wouldnt let me ). when people say things like this it really doesnt make me mad. i laugh on the inside. to me, ive always belived that if you cant get behind the soldiers, then get in front of them. i dont think theres anything you can write to change a perception like this, he would just shrug it off. i think he needs to get his ass kicked, and then he might start to choose his words more carefully. but he seems like the type who wouldnt say something like that in the company of a soldier, hes more content in his moms basement hiding behind his computer.

    AFTER THOUGHT: i know there have been references to his inability to spell. i however will resist the temptation because i honestly am the worst speller in the world. do you know how frustrating it is not to be able to use the words you want to use because you dont know how to spell them. Sucks!


    hey sir, i just wanted to let you know that im planning on starting a blog once my labtop arrives from the states. it should be here in a few weeks. i like your blog alot... its easy to read and you have a certain like-ability about yourself. i will warn you though... everything i have to say wont be positive when speaking about this war, the soldiers and my experiences. im not against this war or its soldiers, i just have profound problems with certain asspects of the lower to middle level leadership ( which im a part of ). i will be venting alot about this place and i dont want to paint a dark cloud over the military and tarnish your views of what your son is doing over here and what this place is really about.

  12. SGT.
    First the spelling thing.
    I don't do well at it either.
    I put my faith in spell check..
    And blogger has it built in to comment now.
    My reference to his ignorance was about using "aloud" which is used like saying something out loud, in place of allowed, or being allowed.
    That whole comment is full of mistakes.
    I never worry about that stuff. Just write what you feel, and people will understand.
    Second, be careful with what you write, because you will be monitored, and your blog shut down an removed. (Check out "Embrace the Suck" on my sidebar. I left the link there but it goes to nothing, because MP who wrote it struck a wrong chord with someone.
    Third, You don't have to worry about offending me. If you read some of my archived post you'll find that I'm not a big fan of the war either.. Or George Bush for that matter. I've always been careful to leave no doubt that I support all the men and women serving.
    And that goes for you my new found friend. Thank you for your service. And I hope that you come home safe and sound to your lovely wife, and beautiful children.

    My email address is in my profile.
    Write me any time. And if you have problems with the spy's shutting down your blog. I would be more than happy to host your thoughts as a guest blogger any time.
    Be safe Mike, stay in touch, I look forward to hearing from you.

    Oh, and Matt is no longer in Iraq.
    He had 74 days to ETS today.
    until he got the stop loss notice


    wow that really sucks...
    ive had alot of friends and soldiers of mine get stop loss. its a hard issue to wrap your head around. i agree for the familys and the soldiers its awful. but for the leaders like myself, the thought of losing one of me best soldiers right before or during a deployment would/could have drastic consequences. maybe in this regard im a little optimistic but i think stop loss could be responsible for many lives that are here today that maybe wouldnt have been had some of the soldiers who were stop lossed hadnt been. it may be awful of me but a couple of my soldiers now are stop lossed and im glad, or maybe not glad but thankful. cause i would much rather have the soldiers that ive trained be here with me now then some new guy who doesnt know whats going on or what to do in certain situations. soldiers are the muscle and im glad all of my soldiers are here with me now cause they are good enough to save my life one day if it ever comes to that.

    now i do think soldiers should be compansated heavily when stop loss happens. thats something i would like to see had. but if they stop the stop loss policy all together. i think that would be a huge blow to our readiness as and army and could cost lifes.

    thanks for the heads up about the blogger spys. i think im going to have to read into what is allowed and what isnt here in the near future so that i can avoid any problems with the site. i also apreciate your offer to be a guest blogger. thanks. i would love to sometime, and if my blog every gets up and running and isnt shut down then i would like to also extend the invitation to you as well.

    last thing.... a message for matt. i would tell him to make the most out of every situation hes put in. look for the good in all situations espeically the bad ones. he can very easily let this bring himself down. that will help nothing and no one. tell him even though it sucks to have this happen, he should embrace this and stive to do the best he can with whats giving to him. tell him to remain positive and just do what you have been trained to do, and before he knows it... he will be back home..

    really this time the last thing. this ones for you infanty dad. as a leader and as someone my soldiers look up to, ive learned that even when im put in a dumb bullshit ass situation or i have to do or have my soldiers do something really dumb, the best way to do it is in a supportive way. ive found that if i bash what we are doing or if im negitive about what we are doing, they see that and it becomes infectious and it brings moral down. now when im positive about it and i approach or sell it to them in a positive light even though we all see it as bullshit, they tend to be more willing to just do it and most importantly it has a better impact on there moral. im sure your son looks up to you. hell i dont even know you and i find myself reading what you write and i look up to you. just try not to impact his moral in a negitive way if he does indeed end up coming back over here. him having a clear head and good moral is crucial to him making it through a long deployment.... just food for thought.

    lol i cant find the spell check.

  14. SGT M,
    Thanks for your kind words. And don't worry about the spell check thing. I know what your saying.
    You echo me on the look for the positive thing. I've always told my sons, and others, to find the positive in all situations. I manage a business for a large company now, and there are day's when the company comes out with things that I don't necessarily agree with, but I have to find the positive, and convince my people that it's for the best.
    I understand your point on having experienced men on your team, and agree whole heartedly that it saves lives. I wouldn't want to go into battle with a bunch of newbies and have to worry about how they will react.
    I'm sure that Matt will buck up, and excel at what ever challenge he is presented with.
    I know your time on the computers is limited, and I appreciate you taking time to comment. if there is anything you need, let me know.
    Write when you get a chance, and stay safe.

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