Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I just gathered from a comment on Matt's Facebook page that the day we had been worrying about just came.
He got a stop loss notice..
I haven't heard from him yet. but I can imagine how disappointed he must be.
The last email we got from him he said he would be home the end of April to take a Police exam.
He wants to go into police work when he gets out.
Now, like so many others before him, life gets put on hold for who knows how long?
A fine way to reward individuals that fulfill there contractual obligation.
Who go off to war and put their life on the line and don't complain about it.
Those who put up with all the shit that the Army can give on a day to day basis, and believe me, they can put down some shit, and show up for more every day because it's their job.
Well, it seems that they just don't have enough soldiers to do the work that needs to be done.
So, they force the ones they have to do more, and then don't let them out when their time comes.
I wonder if it ever occurred to any of the people running the show that if they made it more rewarding to be a part of it, maybe, just maybe, more people would join and stay.
Of course they will point out that enlistment is up.
It is.
But it isn't as a result of how great the Army.
It's because of the economy.
I guess I'm a little disappointed.
I can't imagine how down Matt is at this point.

And so a new chapter starts.
Another year of life on hold.
I would imagine a deployment to Afghanistan is forth coming, and with it another year of worrying, and stress.


  1. oh God! im SOOOOO sorry! i imagine that your a little bit more then disappointed. It's just not fair. Im so very sorry. I dont know what else to say.

  2. I was disappointed, but it is what it is. And the Army is what it is.
    I will post a few thoughts soon regarding it.

  3. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. This isn't right.

  4. My heart goes our to you and Matt. We will hope for the best and only a temporary hold. Keep positive for Matt.


  5. thanks for the link.

    it's amazing how little people know or care about stop loss until it actually affects them. thanks for bringing just a little more exposure to the problem.

    not sure what your sons notice was--I never got one. Believe me, like everything in the Army, there is an order. I was waiting for mine--with my name and everything, but it never came. rather, it is more of a blanket statement, and your sons BDE Commander can use it how he wishes.

    What does that mean? Within 90 days of being stop lossed, he will be in Iraq or Afghanistan. Expect 12-15 month deployment, and 90 days of post deployment stability. Only then will he be allowed to go home.

    I haven't yet seen the movie, but stop loss is not a surprise. trust me. there are rumors, and even known dates well before it is officially known. and even when it is officially known, there is no escape. In February '05, I knew mine was coming in the summer. By April/May, I knew it was in July. I was supposed to be out in November that year (October with terminal leave--I stayed home in December 04 just to save mine up knowing I would need it if the day was close), and instead missed the October birth of my son, and was instead in Kuwait, en route to Baghdad.

    This information is not easy to accept, and it never stops hurting. I only say this in that he should have expected it, unless his day to get out is within 30 days of the actual stop loss date.

    on the bright side, he could do as I am and tell the world about his story, and he could do it as it is happening. I'm writing my story 3-4 years after the fact...

    Best of luck,