Wednesday, March 18, 2009


An individual commenting on a comment of mine at

Active Duty Patriot,

called me a whiner for my effort to change the stop-loss policy, and my comments about NCOs miss-treating soldiers.
Well here I go again.
When I opened my email and found the following article, I couldn't believe my eyes.
Read the following article, and tell me if maybe there shouldn't be a lot more whining from the public.

Wounded and Injured soldiers.

Couple this with current rumblings in the news that the VA is considering charging disabled vets for service, and I'm more than whining.
I am outraged.

Lets get involved folks.

These individuals served us, now it's time we served them.
Write to Congressmen/women, and ask them to insure that our soldiers are taken care of.


  1. Agreed.

    I see Gates has modified the stop-loss policy....don't know if it's in time for Matt.

  2. hi Dad, hope all is well.

    stay's the only way things will get done...but I don't fear much about the VA vs ins's a post you can reference from hubby

  3. did you hear about the END to the VA issue?? yup, flew like a lead balloon.

  4. nice to see you posting again by the way. and I love the new look!