Sunday, March 15, 2009


We hear on the news every day that the the Iraqi Government feels that they no longer need our help, and that our units are going to be pulled out of communities, probably as early as next June. But they don't offer an explanation of just what our mission is to be going forward. There is a lot of vague talk about training and security missions.
While I understand that it is crucial to security that we don't make public the scope of the plan, I am worried.
I'm really worried that we might just botch this withdrawal similar to the way the exit from Vietnam was handled.
That wasn't a pretty sight. And ended up costing hundreds if not thousands of casualties amongst units that were left in the field without proper support.

My stand against stop-loss has nothing to do with the mission at hand.

I am in no way opposed to our mission in Iraq, or Afghanistan, and I am an ardent supporter of all of our servicemen who are doing their job in a valiant and honorable manner.

I just do not agree with the stop-loss policy.
I was cautiously skeptical of it when my son signed, and I like it even less now.
I have no doubt that he will continue to serve in an honorable manner, but fear that his morale has taken a serious blow. I know that he is not alone. While a lot of soldiers just take it for what it is, and say nothing, I can't imagine that there is one who would say if asked, it's nothing at all. I expected it, and I'm better off for it.

When I read about soldiers who have complained openly, and gone through all the proper channels to avoid stop-loss, being kept anyway, and assigned jobs that are basically less than what they've been trained for, ie infantrymen being assigned motor pool positions, and support for in FOB MP detachments watching over soldiers that become deemed unfit to serve outside the wire etc. I wonder what it's all about.
Has it become a military stance to say "hey, we're the Army, we're in charge, we don't have to listen to anybody, and we'll do things the way we want regardless of whether it makes sense or not".

Just wondering.

I honestly can't understand how anyone who researches this policy to even a minimal degree can be a supporter.

Read my next post to learn more about my feelings with regard to manpower issues, and keeping soldiers in who are due to separate from a deployed unit.
And please help give me the power to take this point up with the powers to be by signing the petition,

Online petition - End Stop Loss.

I appreciate the support, and welcome ideas, and comments.

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