Tuesday, April 21, 2009

<फॉण्ट कोलोर=ब्लू>गायस तिएंग थे कनोत

इफ इ गावे यू माय होंसटी ओप्पिनिओं, इ कोउल्ड नेवर बे मिस अमेरिका। एंड ठाट वौल्ड रुं माय ड्रीम.


  1. And now you see why I haven't posted in a while?
    Any ideas on how to fix this?

  2. Holy cow! I would say it's being translated somehow, but that doesn't look like any written language I've seen. Hopefully the folks at Google can help you.

  3. from your dashboard: settings: formatting: language.

    also: settings: basic: disable transliteration.

    i think.

  4. oh wow! i was wondering where you went to! it looks a bit like arabic but you'll have to ask the hubs for conformation...hopef you get it fixed soon...i miss reading!!! hope all is good for you.

  5. Hi all, and thanks for the info.
    The language is Hindi...
    And I had a scotch or two before I wrote it.
    I can't remember exactly what I said?
    I know that it had to do with my opinion of gays being allowed to enter into holy matrimony..

  6. So when do we get your opinion in language we can understand?

  7. I dunno...try again, sanskrit just doesn't become you!! maybe Mandarin??

  8. I know Ms. I can hardly write in english, and here I am writing in Hindi???

    Grumpy, I'm not sure the gays would want to hear my opinion? And I have a couple of people who I'm honored to call friends who are gay.
    Even one married couple.
    I just don't agree with it...