Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Word on the grapevine is that the 4th Brigade received notification today that their deployment orders were changed.

This is second hand news, and unverified by yours truly, so I am cautiously optimistic.

What I'm not sure of is exactly what the change is, but Matt messaged his brother that it meant that the stop loss order will no longer affect him, and he will separate from active duty on 5/12/09.

We will keep our fingers crossed.


  1. doesn't matter WHAT the mission is, only WHEN it is. as soon as the orders are official, subtract 90 days. if he's on the inside of 90, then he's screwed. however, I suspect something fishy going on. May 12 is very soon, and it takes AT LEAST the time from now until then to "clear." He either should be clearing now, or he's stop lossed.

    please please please tell him to go to his Division's In/Out processing. it's the place he went to when he first got to his division. He can do it at lunchtime. Simply go into the out-processing part and ask for his separation orders. THEY will be the ones to tell him if his unit is stop lossed. If they are not, they HAVE to cut his orders. If he is NOT, and do NOT give them to him, then it's time to contact your state representatives to open a congressional investigation.

    seriously. don't delay. call him and tell him to go tomorrow. finding out is that simple.

  2. 12 days Grumpy. In 12 days a lot of things can go wrong in the Army.
    I hope to be able to accept your congrats, and thank you. In 12 days.

  3. Jason,
    He's been out processing for two months.
    He's been to the meetings, and classes, or what ever it is they call them now.
    It's like i said all along. Something was fishy.
    The stop loss order was issued in February on a unit that was not deployable until June, based on the 1 for 1 ratio of home time to deployment time up to 12 months. They got home June 8th 2008.
    They were told that deployment orders would be coming down and to plan on September to Iraq.
    That in and of itself would have left him out of the stop loss. His ETS was the second week of June, but with accrued leave, he should get out the second week of May.
    He has a very good handle on what he needs to do to get out.
    He had the waiver paperwork signed by everyone up to Battalion level. The Battalion S1 refused to forward it to the commander without proof of acceptance in the police academy, or a guaranteed job.
    Thanks for the info.

  4. Dad,

    We've just been through the whole acceptance routine with the Army. Even with a letter from the university, the Army refused to accept it. So we had to get another one.

    I talked to Mark about this yesterday and he thought the stop-loss sounded a bit strange. 13 stop loss was right about the 90 day threshhold.

    Here's hoping that you have 11 days to go.

    FYI. Everytime the Red Sox get blacked out in Jacksonville, they lose. I am all over MLB about this.

  5. Wohoo! This is some great news for now. Keeping you all in my thoughts :)

  6. good luck john... i hope your family gets what you want... im not that knowlegdeable about the stoploss time lines... but something does seem wrong with the info.... i hope everything works out... keep us posted and keep your head up either way...


  7. Hope it all works out...Seth may possibly be extended for three months, which will really screw up his efforts to attend one of two dates for the police academy. Keeping my fingers crossed...