Friday, April 24, 2009


I'm starting a pool.
Pick the date on the calendar closest to when we will have troops in Pakistan.
Any takers?
Just what we need.
A third war.

Our soldier and his brother and brother's girlfriend are in the right field roof top seats at Fenway as I write.
The dreaded Yanks are winning 2-1.
Hope they don't ruin Matt's homecoming and Sarah's birthday.


  1. Pakistan is the scariest possibility yet. If the Taliban gain control, they will have nukes. We can't let that happen, but I fear we're stretched too thin to stop it. We're headed for a major crisis.

  2. Growing up an hour and a half from Boston it would be difficult to not be a RED SOX fan..
    And if your a Yankmee fan, get use to what happened last night.. It's just the beginning of another long disappointing season. Something we sox fans know a lot about.

    I hear ya Grumpy.
    This one really worries me..

  3. Well gee whiz golly, mr. I.D., I thought all those billions we sent to pakistOn were going to solve all this?

  4. We're sending them billions in aid, but they don't or won't stand up to the insurgency. They're going to give and give until they wake up and find Islamabad has been overrun.

  5. I'll respect them again when they add Buchholz, Masterson, and Bowden to the rotation, and shed FA's like Beckett, Drew, Smoltz, Bay, and Penny.

    The Skankees are no better in my book, since they are the ones who gave the evil money formula to Boston in the first place. They'll be alright again when they lose Teix, CC, Burnett, and AROD.


    As for Pakistan, let's leave them be. In fact, let everyone be. We need to stop forcing people to do things they don't want to do. If they want to be assholes, it doesn't have to be our mission to change them.

    - Killing Hope by Someone Blum
    - The Sorrows of Empire by Chalmers Johnson
    - Whiteout by Alexander Cockburn
    - A Question of Torture by Alfred McCoy

    We should all know our American History, including Operations Phoenix, Paperclip, MKULTRA, and COINTELPRO.

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if we are not there already in some form or fashion.

  7. Thanks for the updates, A-Dad! It's almost too overwhelming to even think about the possibility of of Pakistan now, isn't it?

    Hope Matt's doing alright these days :)

    (and p.s. 13 Stoploss: thanks for the book suggestions. I'll have to check those out and possibly add them to my summer reading list!)