Sunday, February 4, 2007

Slow Start to Blogampaign

How can any candidate look bad?

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Here I am into the second day of my blogampaign to win my party’s nomination to run for president, (shouldn’t be hard to win being as I’m the only member), and not one word about me has hit the press.
Maybe the problem is I’m being to politically correct?
I haven’t called anybody a fag or porch monkey.
I’ve not uttered the N word, or made any jokes about Hillary, yet.
I’ve done my best to bash the hell out of George Bush, which seems to be in vogue! I
Probably just picked a bad day to come out what with the Democratic National Committee speeches yesterday.
What a bunch of panty waists.

The best thing that’s ever happened to the Democratic Party is George Bush.
His ignorance overshadows anything stupid they do.
So you got Mitt Romney out there making reference to tar babies and Joe Biden with his comments about Obama, but then ruffling some feathers for a short period of time, but everyone knows that it’s just a matter of time before George say’s or does something stupid, and the heat is off of them again.

Tom Vilsak gave a very eloquent speech but all he did was say what everyone wants to hear. It’s great to say things like I’ll end the war now and bring all our troops home immediately, but does he really understand what a monumental task that would be?
Where’s his plan?

Then there’s Barak Obama,
I'm Rick James
, and his all about we gotta love each other, and learn to look past party lines, and work together to get things done.
Makes ya feel good doesn’t he?
Mean while old Hillary is letting him yak it up just waiting for the right time to drop the hammer on him.
Wait and see, as the race heats up she’ll have so much dirt on him that he’ll have a cloud of dust following him like Pig Pen from the Peanuts Cartoon.
He hasn’t been inside the beltway during mud season yet!!

I’m not even going to talk about Joe Biden or Hillary.
Why? Because I didn’t get to hear any of either of their speeches.

Dennis Kucinich elected, (and this is probably the only time you'll see Kucinich and elected in the same sentence), to snub the rest of them and was out in New Hampshire getting some face time with the voters.
Like that gnome has a snowballs chance in hell of even winning the party nomination.

Anyway, I’ve got important things to worry about like naming my party.
I’m torn between several choices. The Dempublicans, the Retardocrats, and others.
If I had any followers, I’d ask them for suggestions.
One things for sure, once elected things are going to change.
I’ll touch on one idea I’ve come up with to reduce the cost of medication.
I’m going to do away with it!!
Yup you herd correctly.
This way people won’t have to decide between paying for their meds. and eating.
The way I see it, this action could have far reaching effects.
Think about it, people won’t be living as long so there’ll be more room in nursing homes, less population means less cars on the roads, and less old farts turning their heat to 90 bazillion degrees will cut our oil consumption exponentially.
Not to mention less emissions from automobiles and heating systems will slow the global warming problem.
Next time I’ll touch on my plan for Iraq.
Until then, say a prayer for our troops.

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